22 November 2012

More Christmas Cards for Sale

Here are more choices of Christmas cards available for sale. Each card sells for $1.75 each.plus postage of 60 cents. For any combination of Christmas vintage and happy holiday cheers' cards it would be $14.50 for a pack of 10 plus postage of $1.80. 

Refunds will be given for charges in excess of $2.00 if buying individually from my online store. To purchase any of these cards, click here.

19 November 2012

Creative Life Week 44 - "Angel Doll" Advent Calendar

For week 44 I thought an advent calendar will be a good project. I bought this fabric panel last year, never had the chance to make it into an advent calendar so I thought now would be a good time as we are still about 2 weeks away from Christmas. It took me almost a day to assemble this very cute angel doll as I had to make the skirt with pockets, the bodice and the body. It  was good I had some hobbyfil that I could used to fill up the head and the body otherwise I would never have finished it. And had some leftover doll's hair which I found in one of my boxes. I would have wanted to make the hair thicker but this is all I got. To make the skirt puffy, I used a netting to make a stiff petticoat. All I need is a doll stand to make it stand permanently.
Isnt she cute? This picture was hurriedly taken before the doll would drop as I am only using a can to let it stand upright. :-) I will be making another one soon as I think I have 2 more of this fabric panel. Watch for it in my online shop.

Oh by the way, the doll stands about 40cms tall, wings about 24cms so more or less that is the width of the doll including skirt and the pockets are about 5cms x 6cms.

18 November 2012

Creative Life Week 43 - Recycling old CD-Roms into Cards & Picture Frames

A few years back when I was at the peak of my cardmaking, I recycled some of my old and used CD-Roms and made them into greeting cards by covering them with fabrics and embellishing them with images and text printed on cotton and organza fabrics, mixed with paper cutouts, brads, eyelets, buttons, ribbons and whatever I could think of. This week for creative life week 43 (recycle-reuse project #4), I still have lots of old and used CD-Roms that I could use I decided to revive my CD-Rom creations by creating a new set of CD-Rom Christmas cards and this time something new -picture frames. I also made a fabric CD-Rom wallet to store the CD-Rom card and make it handy to give to a friend or a family or someone special this Christmas day. You may not believe it but these are very unique, miniature works of art.
Here are some of the cards I made - Card backgrounds are Christmas cotton fabrics and it also shows you what is at the back of the card. A Merry Christmas greeting printed on a glossy paper.
Here are the CD-Rom picture frames. Picture frame images are printed on 100% cotton fabrics. I placed strong round magnets on the back of each CD-Rom so it can be used as fridge picture frames.
Or with the mini easel stand, you can display them on top of your coffee tables or buffet tables.
Here is a sample I did of a picture of myself in one of the frames (picture created using lego blocks) in case anyone of you is wondering how I looked like. :-)
Hope you like what I have done. Some of these cards will be available for sale, the same way I sold them when I first created them about 6 years ago (yes I have already been recycling even before recycling became a fad and popular) in my online shop.