09 March 2019

Family Tree Books for your family tree projects

looking for creative family tree ideas, tips on researching your family's history to create a gift to generations to come? these may just be the books you will need.

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08 March 2019

Australian-themed Handmade cards

Welcome to Sydney. Welcome to Australia. Small works of art to send to your friends to remind them to come and visit Australia or just to say hi from Sydney. These are fabric picture cards that displays Australia's number one icon the Sydney Opera House, kangaroo and a map of the land downunder. Unique fabric prints are fitted inside the window cutouts to highlight the image of the card. Wadding of excellent quality are used to produce a raised effect of the image being displayed by the cards' window cutouts.
The colors behind the Sydney Opera house was inspired by the Festival of lights annual event of which the Sydney Opera House is the main highlight -
I visited the Australia Zoo several years ago and I thought a kangaroo would make a beautiful handmade card -
And the map of the Land Downunder -
Fabrics used are 100% cotton. And each card comes with a matching whie envelope for easy mailing and/or gift-giving. Check them out by a click on any of the images above or click on the link below. A great way to say hello to your special friends overseas.

07 March 2019

Easter reminders.

You can wear as a brooch, pin on your hat or pin on your bag. only about 8cms tall. #easterbunnies #easterpinbunnies #supporthandmade #bunny #easterdecor #easterbasket #easterbunny #handmadedolls #dollmaking #dollmaker #dollstagram #handmadebunnies #easter #handmade #easterpin #bunnypin #softtreasures
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More ClipArts and Digital Images Added for Sale

Again I just added a new collection. 21 sets of Raggedy Bears great for your next crafting projects for babies, little boys and girls and for your Christmas projects. Also included in the collection are Raggedy Bears for Easter, Valentines and other special occasions. 
Here are some samples of the sets -
Raggedy Bears Love Easter Blocks
Raggedy Bears Fun Block
Raggedy Bears Christmas Block
Raggedy Bears Baby Blocks
Individual sets sell @$.75 per set. Click here to check them out. Make a purchase and so with the other collection of Cubby Bears and Raggedy Bunnies, use them as many times as you want in creating that special project you always wanted to make whether scrapbooking, card making, tags and embellishments or any other papercrafting project you can think of.

New Clipart Sets in Raggedy Bunnies

The Raggedy Bunnies collection. 11 individual sets @ $.75 per set. All images represent an event or occasion being celebrated anytime of the year like birthdays, christmas, easter, valentines and other special occasions.
Raggedy Bunnies Special Occasions
Raggedy Bunnies Fun Time
All new images available for purchase at my online shop. Check them out, make a purchase and use them as many times as you want for that something special you always wanted to make.

New ClipArts in Chubby Cubby

Create wonderful projects with these images for that special someone, family and/or friends or with just about anyone. The cheapest way to create a craft project as you can use and/print any of these images as many times as you want. Papercrafting, cardmaking, scrapbooking, tags and embellishments or any project you can think of. Cubby Bear images at your disposal at 75 cents per block collection.
Chubby Cubby Collection
Baby Chubby Cubby Block Collection
Fun Activities Chubby Cubby Block Collection
Girly Chubby Cubby Block Collection
Special Occasions Chubby Cubby Collection
All new images available for purchase at my online shop. Check them out, make a purchase and have fun making something special out of them.

06 March 2019

New Handmade Cards - Earth Cards and Maze Puzzle Cards

Always looking for something new to create here I am again with unique handmade cards you possibly would not find anywhere else.  'Love our Earth' handmade cards with charms that can be used and worn as necklace pendants. These cards sell for $3.75 each. Check them out here or click on the image below -

Also available are the maze puzzle cards. Wonderful keepsakes. Small treasures to keep. Will make great children's party favours. With crayons, you can colour and make your own personal work of art. Instructions can be found in the inside panel of the card to solve the maze and/or puzzle. These cards sell for $2.75 each. Check them out here or click on the image below -
Proceeds from the sale of these cards go to a very worthwhile cause so please help spread the word.

02 March 2019

Kindness and Me

I hope I have not bored anyone on my previous postings where I kept on writing about the things I sell. For a change for a very short time only as soon I will be back to write about things I make and sell, I am sharing with you two of my favourite inspirational quotes on kindness.

Practicing kindness is actually good for the soul and believe me it makes you sleep well at night knowing that you did something nice to someone during the day. 

Quilt Quote on Quilting

Dedicated to all the 12 quilts I have made. 

01 March 2019

A picture of you in a photoglobe

Would you like to see yourself and/or your family and/or with friends in a photoglobe? Check this out. A D-I-Y Heart-shaped Photoglobe
It holds one photo sized 4.5cms x 7cms which you insert at the back. It has a plastic easel stand at the back to make the heart photoglobe stand. Photoglobe is made of a thick hard plastic so it is kid friendly. And comes in a box so is perfect for gift-giving. Click on the image above or click here and make a personal treasure to keep or to give to special friends and family anytime of the year.