19 August 2018

Buttons for Dad

In 2 weeks time(Sunday, Sep 2) we will be celebrating Dad's special day. For the least expensive gift to give but will definitely make Dad a very special person, here are some buttons available for sale and on sale for $2.00, sized 57mm (or 2-1/4")
Click on the image above or on the link below to check them out and give the special men in your life a button made especially for them. 
Buttons for Dad
Any Dad can wear them in their hats or pin on their shirts on their special day.

18 August 2018

!! Badge Button Parts on Sale !!

On sale are Badge-A-Minit (US) blank pinback buttons size 57mm. Each button kit includes a metal front, a metal pinback with a no-snag jeweller's pin and safety clasp and a clear plastic cover.
Two sets of quantities are available. You can purchase them in quantities of 50x which sells for $37.50 and in quantities of 250 buttons for $74.50.

To purchase the 250x quantity, please click here and to purchase the 50x quantity, click here.

Also available on sale are the regular pinback buttons, blank standard pinback buttons size 25mm.
To purchase this size of button which sells for $37.50 for a quantity of 100, please click here

Inspire someone with a button! Make someone smile with a button! There are endless possibilities with these blank regular pinback buttons..

13 July 2018

Candlewicking Thread

Are you into Candlewicking and looking for the right thread to use? Available in my online store is a 100% cotton, 4 strands, 4 ply candlewicking thread. It is available in natural colour only and comes in a 50-yd card.
Click on the image above to make a purchase.

10 July 2018

On Sale !!! Badgemaker 32mm Button Kits for Sale - While Stocks Last!

This is a very rare event when I go on sale on Badge Makers but it is happening now. On sale are badgemakers for size 32mm (1-1/4") buttons and both styles comes with free regular pinback buttons.

What a great way to start making buttons with the handpress and/or the bench press machines.
(1)This Badge-A-Minit (USA) handpress button kit comes with (1) 1x - Hand Press (2) 1x - Adapter  (3)  1x - 1-1/4" Assembly Ring Set (4) 1x - 1-1/4" Cut-A-Circle and (5) 250x - 1-1/4" Pin-back button sets and sells for $79.95 now. Click on the image below or click here to check it out.
(2) This Badge-A-Minit (USA) benchpress button kit includes (1) 1x - Bench Press (2) 1x - 1-1/4" Assembly Ring set (3) 1x - 1-1/4" Manual Cut-a-Circle and (4) 250x - 1-1/4" Pin-back Button Sets and now on sale for $149.95. Click on the image below or click here to check it out.
They are great for school activities, fund-raisers, business promotions, birthdays and anniversaries or just to greet someone or make someone's day with a button.

Make someone smile with a button! And what is good about it is that you can make any button you like anywhere you are. Could be in the comfort of your own home, in the backyard, everywhere !

15 May 2018

Australian-themed Handmade cards

Welcome to Sydney. Welcome to Australia. Small works of art to send to your friends to remind them to come and visit Australia or just to say hi from Sydney. These are fabric picture cards that displays Australia's number one icon the Sydney Opera House, kangaroo and a map of the land downunder. Unique fabric prints are fitted inside the window cutouts to highlight the image of the card. Wadding of excellent quality are used to produce a raised effect of the image being displayed by the cards' window cutouts.
The colors behind the Sydney Opera house was inspired by the Festival of lights annual event of which the Sydney Opera House is the main highlight -
I visited the Australia Zoo several years ago and I thought a kangaroo would make a beautiful handmade card -
And the map of the Land Downunder -
Fabrics used are 100% cotton. And each card comes with a matching whie envelope for easy mailing and/or gift-giving. Check them out by a click on any of the images above or click on the link below. A great way to say hello to your special friends overseas.

13 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day!!

To all the mothers out there....Happy Mother's Day!!!

04 May 2018

Two-Minute Memories Greeting Cards for that Someone Special

Something new! Something unique! Two-Minute Memories Greeting Cards for that someone special on her special day and great to give this coming Mother's Day. Use this card to write ten things you love about your mother, wife, grandma and/or anyone special in your life. 
Create something meaningful about your mother, wife, grandma and/or anyone special in four simple steps. Make your list and find some photos about them.
1) Remember - Close your eyes for one minute and immerse yourself in memories of you.
2) Write - Take another minute to list 10 things that come to mind. Need help? See hints inside.
3) Gather - Gather or take 10 photos to illustrate the items on your list.
4) Combine - Write about one list item on each page and combine with related photos.
Done! And give to your friend and/or someone special on Mother's Day or on any special day. Each Two-Minute Memories greeting comes with a regular pinback button. A very unique gift to give this Mother's Day. To check them out, click on the image above or click here. Proceeds from the sale of these greeting cards will help pay for the cost of distributing dresses to disadvantaged children anywhere in the world. To know more about this charity work, click here.