16 December 2017

My Fabric Christmas Nativity Set

it took me almost 6 months in 2009 to make it but only gets displayed for 16 days a year...the rest of the 349 days...in a plastic bag squeezed inside a cabinet
This nativity set is made of fabric from a fabric panel I purchased about 9 years ago. Am not sure how many people in this world manage to make it but I know I did.....and a real treasure to keep.

15 December 2017

Save money...Purchase Christmas Buttons in packs

It is only during the season of Christmas that you can buy buttons cheap. I pack them in groups of 3 or 5 or 6 or even 15. Sell them cheap to make it attractive to everyone who wants to have fun and enjoy the season of Christmas by wearing the buttons in their hats, pin them on their bags, stick them on their fridges. This pack of 6 buttons sized 57mm (2.25" sells for $8.50 -
 This pack of 15 sized 38mm (1,5") sells for $15.75 -
 This pack of 5 sized 38mm (1.5") sells for $5.25
 This pack of 3 buttons sized 57mm (2.25") sells for $5.40 -
 and so with this pack -
Also available are christmas-themed mirror backed buttons. Pocket size mirror-backed buttons. Small enough to carry in your purse but big enough to see yourself on the mirror. 
Depending on your choice, click on the images above to check them out and make a purchase if you like the buttons. The proceeds goes to the postage fund of my self-funded charity work. If you want to know more about my charity work, click here. Thank you.

Ready-to-wear Christmas Buttons this Christmas

It is the least expensive present to give at Christmas time for family, friends, business associates and great for promoting business at Christmas time. Ready-made and ready-to-wear ! To welcome the new year! Available in regular pinback and in sizes 38mm -
and in 57mm sized buttons.
You can wear them in your hat, pin them on your bags , stick them on your fridge, bring a smile to a special friend or anyone, they are fun to have and a great way to start a button collection. Check them out just by a click on any of the images above and if you think they are fun to have or great to give away this Christmas, please make a purchase. It is not too late yet. We are still 10 days away from Christmas.

13 December 2017

A Christmas Tote for anyone

The end of the year is fast approaching and I have to think of something quick or make something quick that I can sell and  that will help me raise funds for the Clean water tank project of the Christina Noble Children's Foundation. They aim to install clean water tanks for at least 100 families in Vietnam and my support to the foundation to help raise funds ends at the end of the year. So this is what I ended up with today. Create handmade totes to sell for $20.00 each. And the full proceeds from the sale will be donated to them and a tax receipt will be issued under the purchaser's name with a donated amount as the amount paid for the tote. I have so many fabrics from my collection so many to handle that I think this is the best idea. At the same time, I will have less fabrics in my cabinet.
This is the first of the totes that I will be sewing. It uses Christmas fabrics, 100 % cotton and fully lined. For this particular bag, the lining is the same christmas fabric as the fabric for the tote only the color is different. The tote measures about 33.5cms x 41cms and has a base of 7cms. Tote can be reversed if needed to.
The $20.00 is value for money and is for a good cause. Also, very environmentally friendly. You can use it for shopping instead of the plastic bags. That is hitting two birds with one stone. So check it out. Click on the image above and please make a purchase if you need one today. Thank you.

A Homemade Christmas Tree and Clipped Santas

I have had these mini bowls  for a while now. They are handmades and made of porcelain given to me by my sister who makes them but I can not think of what to do with them until today when I was making fabric trees out of scraps.
I decided to use one of them as a base for my fabric christmas tree so it would stand on its own and here it is. If you would like to purchase one of my fabric christmas trees, all you have to do is click on the image below but they do not come with the bowl. If you want a bowl, let me know and I can sell one to you for $5.00. They are all handmade and made of porcelain.
Today I also made some Santa clips for my quilted advent calendars. I normally include a clothespin with a Santa head to indicate the dates. I have run out of the Santa clothespin and could not find Santa heads from dollar shops. So what I did I bought a few Santa decorations and attached the clothespin myself. 
Since there were only 3 santas left for sale I was able to make only 3 but I hope to make more soon for my advent calendars. To check out any of my quilted advent calendars for sale, click on the santa image above or click on the image below. This particular advent calendar uses the clothespin with Santa head. You can see it in one of the pockets of the calendar.

12 December 2017

Christmas quilts that will make good centerpieces

These christmas quilts may be small but they will make a good centerpiece during the Christmas period and may even become a conversation piece among members of your family and friends.
Quilt size averages between 33cms x 30cms and the inner frames about 24cms x 24cms. If you have not completed your Christmas shopping yet, check these quilts out. Just click on the image above for more details of the work.