30 December 2014

Happy New Year everyone!!

Best wishes for a happy new year to everyone !!

27 December 2014

New products for sale

New handmade products for sale to help raise money for Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to build a well in Kalagi Uganda. Please check them out. They are made to help disadvantaged people in order to make this world a better place.

1) Fabric Button Hairclips - sells for $5.00 per card
2) Sewing Cloth dolls that wears a necklace with sewing tools as charm. Can also be used as keychain. Comes with a silver keyring. - sells for $12.00 per doll
3) Chalkboard cards. Write your own message or draw your message on the front panel of the card using the chalk set that comes with the card. Sells for $4.75 per kit.
4) "Express yourself" button banners. Express yourself on how and what you think about life through buttons. Unique present for those who seems to have everything and a great way to start a button collection. Sells at an introductory price of $4.95 per banner.
All these items for a wonderful cause. Check them out and if there is anything you like, please make a purchase. All proceeds will give hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda through clean water.

To access the fabric button hairclips, click on the image above or click here.
To access the sewing cloth dolls, click on the image above or click here.
To access the chalkboard card sets, click on the image above or click here
To access the 'express yourself' button banners, click on the image above or click here..

20 November 2014

Another Dress A Girl Christmas card on sale for fundraising

Finally I have thought of another Dress A Girl Australia christmas card and this time with an image of a dress that we make to provide dresses for disadvantaged children around the world to give and share them love, happiness and hope especially this Christmas.
Dresses on the cards could be different on any of the cards from what is shown above as dresses on the cards are made of actual fabric from fabric scraps and/or remnants from dresses made so they could be any fabric. Left inside panel has the image of Dress A Girl Australia's 'i-dress' verb and the right side panel is blank for personalized message. Comes with a matching white envelope for easy gift-giving and/or mailing.
Regular price of card is $2.50. This Christmas the cards are on sale at $2.00 per card plus actual postage cost of $.70 which is included in the selling price.

For a pack of 10, regular pack sells for $25.00. This Christmas, the pack of 10 are on sale at $15.00 per pack plus actual postage cost of $7.20.

To purchase a single card, please click here. To purchase a pack of 10, please click here.

Please check them out and if you like them please make a purchase. Proceeds of $2.70 (less stamp of 70 cents) can pay for the cost of sending one dress anywhere in the world. Thank you and please help spread the word around.

06 November 2014

New Dress A Girl Christmas card - Happiness and Hope

Yesterday I finished creating my first Dress A Girl 2014 Christmas card using one of the posters I created earlier this year. I hope I will be able to sell a few of these cards to raise funds. This will be made available in my Dress A Girl online shop and sell for $2.00 each. Selling price just enough to recover the cost of the blank cards, ink cartridges I will be using to print and a small amount as net profit. Selling below $2.00 is not really an option due to the high cost of the ink cartridges. Having them printed by a supplier although the price of the card would probably be lower but then I have to make an order of the cards in thousands to be able to do this so D-I-Y is the best option.
To summarize - each card will sell for $2.00. If you purchase in a pack of 10 it will cost $15.00 (that is two cards free plus an additional discount of a dollar). The price of the card includes postage of $.70 for a single card and $3.50 for the pack of 10.

To purchase the cards, please click here or click on the card image above. Please help spread the word around about this card. It will be much appreciated.

Watch out for more of Dress A Girl cards and soon the Dress A Girl 2015 calendar. Thank you.

Christmas stockings and handmade bags for sale at real crazy prices

Well, it is November and barely 49 days away before Christmas and time to write about Dress A Girl Australia, my charity work. It is time for great Christmas sale at great crazy prices for a very worthwhile cause - provide clean water and hope for the people of Kalagi Uganda. 

Two items are up for grabs and are very limited in quantity :
1) These christmas stockings were donated by Katherine Nott last year and I think it is time that everything must go. Each stocking sells for only $3.00 plus postage of $1.40. Great cotton quality, no lining and measures 17cms x 25cms x 46cms, big enough to hold lots of goodies and at a real great price too. You cannot get anything lower than this. Only 21 are available.

To purchase, please click here or click on the 'christmas shop 1' which you can find on the right navigation pane or you can make payment via paypal address dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com.

2) These handmade bags were donated by Vanya Bryant. Great cotton quality and big enough to hold all your personal stuff. The bags are lined, measures about 27cms x 30cms, expandable width with button closure  and right now they are selling for $12.00 only plus postage of $1.40. I must be really crazy to sell these items at such give-away prices but it is all for a very worthy cause. Will make great presents this christmas for any of your family and friends and does not hurt in the wallet. Only 5 are available.
To purchase, please click here or click on the 'christmas shop 2' which you can find on the right navigation pane or you can make payment via paypal address dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com.

Since proceeds will be donated to the Dress A Girl Australia well, each buyer will receive a receipt of the purchase amount being donated. Hurry, number of items are very limited and always remember when you make a purchase, you are giving clean water and hope to the community of Kalagi Uganda. 

Please help by spreading the word to your family and friends. Tell them about these fantastic deals. Thank you!

13 October 2014

A creative life - Recycled Denim pockets

In between the normal tasks I do on weekends I decided to create something new out of an old pair of denim pants which I have started to cannibalize. I made this bag out of the denim pockets. The image below shows the front and the back of the bag. I have quite a few small buckles so I decided to embellish the bag with it and put some heart buttons.
The buttons I pinned on the bag are from my Dress A Girl button collection and 'Love the Earth' just to make the bag more colourful and fun. Be surprised but my wallet, phone and car keys actually fits inside. Well the denim pants is quite big so naturally the pockets are quite big too. Hope you like my recycled denim pocket bag.

Playing with paperdoll

Uh-oh. I must be on my way to a second childhood as last week this is what I made and have been playing with it and making real dresses. 
The dress is made out of the t-shirt cuts I used to make a t-shirt dress for Dress A Girl Australia. Instead of throwing the scraps away, I keep them just in case and now I am starting to make use of them. I need to make improvements on the dress though.  It is kind of difficult to put the dress on the paperdoll made of chipboard. The head, arms and legs of the paperdoll are movable. My plan is to make 3 sets of clothes, put them in a tin can or box and sell. Fingers crossed I would be able to make them. :-)

12 October 2014

Reviving Soft Treasures website

Finally it is here. I am and have revived my soft treasures website. It has been a long time to do it but finally it is here. To access - please click here or click on the image below -
The site is still a real one-stop-online-craft-shop for most, if not all, kinds of art and types of craft one can think of. Some of the items are hard-to-find, some are one-of-a-kind, some are easy-to-find but they all have one thing in common.......and that is......quality at its best! Go and check it out !!

06 October 2014

Embroidered Christmas Tree Ornaments for Sale

More handmade items for sale to help raise funds for postage ofr my self-funded charity work. I make dresses and/or accept dress donations to give to the less fortunate kids anywhere it is needed.

If you are into handmade and embroidered Christmas ornaments, please check out my embroidered Christmas Tree hanging ornament. Each ornament comes with a ribbon for easy hanging on the tree and temporarily attached to a card with a blank inside panel for personal messages and comes with a matching envelope for easy gift-giving.
Only a few items available. To check them out, click on the image above or please click on the link below. Proceeds go to a wonderful cause so spreading the word around will be much appreciated. Thank you.

02 October 2014

Crowdfunding T-shirt Drive campaign to raise funds

I always wanted to sell t-shirts but was not ready to invest money on something that may not sell although I always believe that selling t-shirts would probably be a better option than selling wines. I did not think it was a good idea to have stocks and stocks of slow-moving inventory in my garage.  So I started searching the internet hoping that I would find a more flexible option and discovered Teespring. 

Teespring allows to crowdfund customized t-shirts with zero hassle, zero upfront costs and zero risk. All I have to do is upload my art design, identify for how long the campaign is going to last (21 days is the longest) and start my campaign. If the goal is not reached after the campaign ends then there will be no charges made to those who have made reservations. If the goal is reached then the t-shirts ordered will be delivered within 14-21 days for international orders after the end of the campaign and shipping cost will be added. The shipping cost for international orders is $12.50 plus $4.00 for each additional t-shirt.

So here I am launching my first t-shirt drive campaign. The idea is to sell as many t-shirts as I can so I have priced the t-shirt as low as possible as it would allow me to and also to avoid tax implications. The selling price of $20.00 each plus shipping cost of $12.50 totalling $32.50 will be charged to you in US dollars so expect a higher amount when converted to Australian dollar. Probably about $36 Australian dollars at today's rate.

My goal is to sell a minimum of 50 t-shirts. I have selected 4 colours for my first t-shirt drive but the problem is each colour requires its own goal of 50 t-shirts to be sold but will see how it goes. The money I make from the sale of these 50 t-shirts will fund the cost of sending about 100 dresses to a location anywhere in the world. So I hope you would support me on this endeavour and help spread the word around. There will be more t-shirt drives with my own art design but for now this is it. The money you pay goes directly to Teespring and if this campaign is successful and the goal is reached, that is the only time that the net proceeds from the sale will be paid to me.

To reserve your t-shirt, here are the links to the t-shirt campaign drive - t-shirts are women's fit tee made of premium materials.

White colour - http://teespring.com/dressagirlaustralia
Or you can go straight to my teespring shop and make your choice from there -

The campaign starts today and will end on the 22nd of October. So please check them out and if you like a t-shirt to submit your reservation now. And do not forget to spread the word around. Thank you.

Quilted Advent Calendars for sale

Every year I try to come up with new advent calendar designs. Great keepsakes to give at Christmas time for kids and adults alike. All my fabric calendars are either machine and/or hand-quilted, all 100% cotton and double-stitched on the edges. Because they are handmade, quantities are very limited and could be one-of-a-kind. 

I try to make my quilted advent calendars as fun to use for everyone and sometimes include surprises for kids to enjoy and help them learn how to count or keep track of days in a month and re-usable every Christmas season. As a Christmas bonus, the dowel is included in your purchase so you can easily hang the advent calendar. To access these wonderful handmade items, please click on the image below or click here.
Proceeds from the sale of these handmade items go to a wonderful cause so please help spread the word about it.

For more details about Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia, please click here or check out my facebook page here.

10 September 2014

Another batch of new handmade cards for sale

Well, just trying to be realistic. I need more funds to distribute more dresses to the less priviledged children in different locations around the world so I made more handmade cards to sell to raise more funds. Apple made a significant release of their products today so I thought I would do the same. Dress distributions would not be possible without the things I sell. Today am releasing new handmade Christmas cards and new earth cards for sale. Please check them out and if there is anything you like, please make a purchase. All proceeds go to Dress A Girl Australia's petty cash fund, If you don't like any of them, don't make a purchase but you still can help by spreading the word amongst your family and friends. They may like something and make a purchase. More items will be made available as they are completed. Quantities are limited at this stage.
These are some of my Badge Greeting cards and new ones for Christmas -
and here are my new Fabric Earth cards. I call them earth cards because the materials I used are from scraps which I repurposed -
If you are on the lookout for other greeting cards, check out my handmadecards for you site by clicking here.

02 September 2014

New Handmade Cards - Earth Cards and Maze Puzzle Cards

Always looking for something new to create here I am again with unique handmade cards you possibly would not find anywhere else.  'Love our Earth' handmade cards with charms that can be used and worn as necklace pendants. These cards sell for $3.75 each. Check them out here or click on the image below -

Also available are the maze puzzle cards. Wonderful keepsakes. Small treasures to keep. Will make great children's party favours. With crayons, you can colour and make your own personal work of art. Instructions can be found in the inside panel of the card to solve the maze and/or puzzle. These cards sell for $2.75 each. Check them out here or click on the image below -
Proceeds from the sale of these cards go to a very worthwhile cause so please help spread the word.

Handmade T-shirt

I made my first handmade t-shirt ever and hopefully this will make the cost of making t-shirt dresses for my charity work Dress A Girl Around the world cheaper. It was not really that difficult except for the neckline.
This will be the first of many t-shirts I will be making in the days to come. Last Saturday I bought some knitted fabrics. If you plan to donate a t-shirt to Dress A Girl Australia, you can request for a copy of the pattern by filling up the form which you can find in my Dress A Girl Australia blog.

29 August 2014

Mounts and Tags for Papercrafting

If you are into papercrafting, here are solid mounts, tags and slide-mounts great for photos, transparencies, images and more for any occasion. 
Click on the image above or click on the link below to check them out. 

19 August 2014

My Fabric yoyo spanish dancer

I try as much as possible not to get really stressed out but sometimes it just cannot be avoided. To relax myself I do not think of any kind of work nor do I think of my charity work which I do during my spare time instead I craft. My creativity seems to be at its best when I try to de-stress. And inspired by my recent trip to Peru where I had an adventure of a lifetime (did the Inca Trail Hike for 4 days and 3 nights with family) I created this Fabric yoyo spanish dancer. It took me 2 days to figure out how to connect the fabric yoyos I have stashed in a plastic bag for almost 2 years now to create this doll and am very amused and loving the result. 
It stands 16cms tall and has wiggly eyes. Using Shiva paintsticks I created her nose and smiling lips. I am thinking of creating a spanish dancer with a skirt and a male spanish dancer in the near future.

Stickers to embellish your papercrafting projects

Desperate to make a sale, I braved the very cold garage and looked for a box I knew I had which is filled with stickers and other embellishments which I have collected over the years especially on those days when I went crazy with cardmaking. 
Self-adhesive stickers and tags to make your papercrafting projects more memorable. Great for place cards, greeting cards, art collage, memory boxes, gift cards, scrapbooking, invitations, gift bags and home decor. Click on the image above or on the link below to check out these items. Real value for money for all your cardmaking and papercrafting needs.

New Readymade Designs - Creativity with Buttons

Well, here I go again with buttons. This time are new inspirational and fun ready-made designs. All these designs are sized 57mm and can readily be made into regular pinback, magnetic, keychain and split ring keychain buttons.
Click on the image above to check them out from my all about buttons online shop or click on the links below -
Inspirational and fun buttons, click here.
Birthday buttons, click here.
New 'Love our Earth' collection, click here.
Family Buttons, click here.

17 August 2014

New Little Sentiments Printed greeting cards

Been busy these days making new handmade greeting cards. If you are after birthday cards, thank you cards, get well cards, wedding and little sentiments for any occasion, check out my handmadecards for you online shop - 
they all come in standard 110mm x 155mm white plain cards with matching white envelopes for easy gift-giving. Click here to check out some of these new printed greeting cards.

For 'Get well' cards, click here.
For 'Cards for Dad', click here.
For thank you Cards, click here.
For Birthday cards, click here.

Drop by the online shop regularly as new items are being added almost everyday.

11 August 2014

Buttons for Dad

In 3 weeks time we will be celebrating Dad's special day. For the least expensive gift to give but will definitely make Dad a very special person, here are some buttons available for sale -
Click on the image above or on the link below to check them out and give the special men in your life a button made especially for them. 

10 August 2014

More new products at handmadecards for you

I have updated my handmadecards for you e-shop with more handmade cards. My latest product is the magnetic decoupaged fabric cards. Special images that have been decoupaged to a recycled tarpaulin and adhered to magnetic sheets. Images that expresses the occasion being celebrated or inspirational and humourous quotes. Available are inspirational quotes -
'feel good' series -
and the humourous 'Dear God' series -
Also available are the magnetic wooden cards. Special images transferred to wood and adhered to magnetic sheets.
All these special images expresses occasions that are being celebrated anytime during the year. All cards come with matching white envelopes for easy gift-giving. To access these products, please click on each of the images above or click on the link below.

09 August 2014

New Mini Fabric Greeting Banners with Kilt Pins

I seem to have a habit of making things only when I need some funds for my charity work when I think I should be consistent. So far this year I have distributed 1,968 dresses, 501 shorts for boys, 217 t-shirts and 91 quilts all over the world. I have more boxes to send for Christmas distribution so I need to be able to sell more handmade items so I can pay for the cost of sending these dresses.

My plan is to go full swing again on my handmade cards especially that in a few month's time Christmas will be here once again. This time I made mini fabric banners with a kilt pin for easy hanging. Greeting images printed on 100% cotton canvas with 100% cotton for the banner backing. It comes with a blank card so you can write a personal message and a matching white envelope. The mini fabric banner measures approximately 9cms x 12cms. Here are some banners I have made for friendship, family and love. They are great for those friends of yours who seem to have everything already.
I also created a mini fabric banner with charms for special occasions. The 'I Love Quilting' banner for those who love to quilt and sew have 5 charms on it - sewing buttons, pair of scissors, sewing machine, thimble and a tape measure -
It also comes with a blank card for personal message and a matching white envelope. All these items are now available in my Handmade cards e-shop. For the mini fabric greeting banners, click on the image above or you can access them here . More items will be made available soon. Hurry as items are limited.

28 June 2014

I created a Windowed Pouch

After one month of not being able to do any kind of crafting (they were busy days the past 4 weeks) I finally found the time again to make use of my creativity. I did this pouch with a heart-shaped window. Was not really sure what to put inside as I wanted to make a small doll with a blanket etc but since I have not done it yet I decided to put some of my snack foods from the cabinet. Does not look too bad either except that the heart-shape needs an improvement.
I think this will make good presents for Christmas. And if I use a non-Christmas fabric once the contents are gone, you can use it to store your small treasures. 

25 May 2014

A creative life - Another t-shirt recycled into a shopping bag

Not much to do today. Went for an early afternoon nap and then made another market shopping bag from another t-shirt. I love the prints on these t-shirts and fits well with the bag. The fabric is still cotton but it is thinner compared to the first bag I made - orange bag which was thicker but still it looks so cool because of the prints.

A creative life - Recycled T-shirt into a market shopping bag

After an early morning of bushwalking in Katoomba we arrived back home at around 3pm. Quite a number of cars on the road from the Blue Mountains to Sydney and even in the early morning going there. I fell asleep when I got home and woke up at 7pm. So here I go again not able to sleep as I just woke up. So I decided to recycle a nephew's old t-shirt into a market shopping bag. Soft Treasures' going green !!
I filled it up with some items from my pantry so it would really look like a bag when I take a picture. I still have another old t-shirt which I think I will do later today (Sunday).

11 May 2014

10 May 2014

New Button Collections at Creativity with Buttons

At Creativity with Buttons I have just released the following new ready-to-wear button collections in different sizes. They are available as regular pinback buttons only, some are pinbacks and magnetic buttons as indicated in the description. To check the buttons out, click on the image.

1) Bulldog Clips - and you can clip them anywhere even in your shirt - Available only in 57mm (2-1/4")

2) Split-Ring Buttons - carry it with you everywhere you go - Available only in 57mm (2-1/4")

3) Fun Buttons - a great way to start a button collection - Available only in 32mm (1-1/4")

4) Girl Faces - great buttons to give to friends on any day - Available only in 32mm (1-1/4")

5) Smileys - another great way to start a button collection or give to friends to express what you are feeling for the day - Available only in 32mm (1-1/4")

I have also released again the following best-seller buttons -
1) Peace Buttons - what everyone needs now I believe - Available in 57mm (2-1/4") and 38mm (1-1/2")  buttons sizes -

2) Friendship Buttons - which we also need these days in order to be happy - real friendship - Available in 57mm (2-1/4") size only -

Visit my store to check out these buttons. They are a great way to start a button collection and more buttons with new designs will be available soon. 

What is good about purchasing any of these buttons is that all proceeds goes to the postage fund of Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia to help pay for the cost of sending dresses to different disadvantaged locations around the world. To know more of this worthy cause, please click here.

01 May 2014

Stone Crafting

Was feeling bored last night when I decided it was time to use the stones I had in the garage which has been lying idle for years now. This time and happiness #12 although not fully finished yet as I want to put moveable eyes, here are the stones I painted last night. Through these stones, the "Libatok family" is born and expect to see more of them in the very near future.
And tonight I transferred  an image of flowers onto this rock through decoupaged, sealed it for protection and called it "Mum's rock" for Happiness #13.
To see larger images of the Libatok family, please click here.