19 October 2013

New products at Handmades by Soft Treasures

Now that all markets scheduled for the year 2013 is finished, I can now concentrate on updating this website with more of my handmade products and also new items. I have sidelined a lot of new items for the children to give priority to markets and had been busy both on my Monday to Friday job which is my breadwinner and also on my volunteer community work of Dress A Girl(Around the World) Australia, well this time I will be focusing on children's activity books. Although the chances of them becoming a bestseller in my shop is minimal as they would be a little bit expensive and not as people would think they would be (since a lot of people think that because they are handmade they should be cheap) I still like and enjoy making items for kids. 

So watch out for it fellows! Most of the new items should be out before Christmas.

12 March 2013

Mini Pillows for Sale

Real handmades. Real treasures to keep. Images are printed in 100% cotton inkjet fabric sheets and expresses the occasion one is celebrating or great presents for great friends who seems to have everything.

Here is a snapshot of all mini pillows available for sale. Some will make good presents for mums such as your baby's family tree. Some pillows have buttons attached to it.
Same as the Easter buttons I am selling, these mini pillows are being sold to help raise funds for my charity work. Click on the image above or click on the link below to check them out and if there is anything you like, please make a purchase.
For more details about my charity work, please click here or click on the link below -

Easter Button Collection

With Easter fast approaching, I have decided to make new buttons. They are available in both 38mm and 57mm. Can also be purchased as magnets .

Here are my new Easter buttons -
The following Easter buttons are available only in 57mm but can be ordered as regular buttons, magnets and/or keychains.

24 February 2013

Lavender Bags this time

I wanted to be able to package lavender seeds in different ways. I started with a lavender house, then a lavender heart card, lavender angel heart and this time a lavender bag. This bag holds lavender weighing 40ml or prbably a little bit more -
This will be available in my on-line store later this week and will be selling at $10.00 per bag.

10 February 2013

Lavender Angel of Heart

One of the items I made out of my fabric scraps is this Lavender Angel of Heart - 'the key to my heart'. I still am undecided on whether to use a wooden ball for the head but this is basically it and I will be making more of this to sell. I already have the lavender house and now I have the angel of heart.

The angel of heart measures about 16cms x 20.5cms. I placed a thin wadding(the ones I normally used in my fabric postcards) and also I placed a small georgette bag inside with a 20ml of lavender. And the highlight of this handmade heart is the key which you find at the center of the heart. This is a rusted garden key measuring about 6cms and inside a pocket measuring about 4.5cms x 7.5cms sealed by a craft plastic.
So if the lavender house which I released late last year was not your type, perhaps this lavender angel of heart would be? A great way to celebrate the month of love with someone you love.

Fabric Embellishments

Yesterday I had the chance of opening my fabric scrapbags and it literally triggered my mind to become creative once again. It feels so good when you get the chance to think and do something you love and do best and enjoying every minute of it. I saw that I had so many fabric scraps and I think it is time to start making things out of it.

For a start I made some fabric roses I can use to embellish future projects. I made fabric roses with stems(pictured on the right.
I did a fabric rose corsage(pictured on the left) which I then use to embellish my bag.
Now I need to find a glue that is more sturdy and more permanent which I can then used to glue the fabric flowers to pins. It was fun making these fabric roses that definitely will not wilt.

07 February 2013

Flowering Yuccas again

Before I used to blog a lot about my garden until there wasnt that much time to spare to talk about it. Today I am going to show off again the yuccas I have in my front yard which is back in action of flowering.  Here they are and arent they gorgeous. They say that flowering yuccas bring good luck but once a yucca has produced flowers it will then start to die but these couple of yuccas has been growing and the last 5 years has been flowering at least once a year and especially during the summer season.
They surely will be missed if ever they are going to die.

03 February 2013

i-create - Tree of Hearts to celebrate the month of February

It is February, the month of love and I made a tree of hearts. When I told a friend of mine that this weekend I will be crafting hearts, literally I was making hearts to hang in my tree of hearts. I printed several kinds  of heart images using an inkjet shrink film and placed them in an oven and these are the hearts I ended up with. They vary in size between 1 to 2 inches.
Then I took one of the tins I saved for decoupaging( have several of them stored somewhere in my garage) and decoupaged a napkin with 'love' prints.
I placed a string on each of the hearts I made and hang them in an artificial berry vine. I had 6 artificial vines which I bought from a dollar shop. And here is my tree of hearts -
 I further embellished my tin can with a cream-coloured fabric lace which unfortunately is not so clear in the picture. On top of the tin can are small pebbles which I got from my garden
If you are interested to purchase shrink films, I have them available in both the standard and inkjet printable. The standard is where you draw the image yourself. Click here to check them out.

Terrarium of Succulents

It is time to close off my one year of creative life in 2012 most especially that my plants have grown. Lately other things have kept me so busy but in my early days of blogging I used to blog about my garden. So am closing of my 2012 creative journey with several terrariums of succulents I did. The plants have grown a little after using the right soil so I transferred them to clear jars. Now that Christmas is really over, my fabric nativity set is back in its plastic case and gets stored for the next 11 months
And here are images of my terrariums which has now taken over the spot left vacant by my fabric nativity set -

 These mini pots were made by my sister. They were rejected as the quality of the pots are not good enough to sell so I took them and planted more succulents. The mini houses you see on the pictures were also made by her. I am hoping that this year I will be able to find the time to make mini houses using my small kiln as I actually bought the kiln about 5 years ago to use and not to decorate. :-)
I hope you liked the creative things I did in 2012 and I look forward to making more things in 2013.

20 January 2013

Creative Life Week 51 - Handmade Iphone Armholder

I was about to print all my creativity project for 52 weeks in 2012 when I remembered I still needed to post the last two projects I did. The last three weeks has been so busy and with the heat I just couldnt be bothered taking pictures until today.

For Week 51 I made a fabric iphone armholder. I always wanted to make one and finally decided a few days before Christmas to sit down and start making drawings on how I wanted my iphone armholder to look like. It would be the best time to make as I decided to go back to my daily walks starting the 1st of Jan. and one of the things I didnt really want to do was hold my phone while walking.  So here is what I made - I know it is too squarish and a couple of centimetres bigger I have enough space to put the earphones but am so glad I finally have made one.
This is how to wear it - goes through the hand and up to the arm 
and I even made a matching headband. :-)
To make sure that I was comfortable wearing it, I used it in today's walk. I hope to perfect the creation as I still have lots of ideas on how to make it even better .

16 January 2013

What's Up at Soft Treasures

Good day everyone! Been a busy girl the past couple of weeks at work. Now busy again for Valentine handmades. Hope to post a few items this weekend.