About Mix1head

Hello Everyone!

Who am I?

I live in Sydney and I love and enjoy being artsy and crafty. I probably spend more time in a small space I have at home which I refer to as my craft world than doing household chores. 

I work full time as a Business systems analyst in one of the major Australian companies here in Australia.

My exposure to handmade crafts started when I was still little. My mom used to recycle old clothes into nightwear, make fabric yoyos out of scraps and create them into beautiful placemats or table runners, crocheted curtains with a peacock design. These skills she inherited from her mother. I remember my grandmother used to make dresses for us.

My Dad also liked to create things by hand. He used to recycle old tables or tables with broken legs into a chair or a wooden toy wagon. When he retired from work, to keep himself busy he would make small beds for my nieces and nephews and would put wheels on it so it was easy to tuck or push them under their parents bed and not occupy space during daytime.

I love making small quilts, the crazier the better. I always try not to miss any quilt shows or exhibits so I could admire traditionally-designed quilts hung on exhibit walls. I enjoy making memory quilts and have done a number of them in varying sizes and different layouts and designs.I also like making family trees. The smaller the item I make by hand the more I enjoy doing and getting a real feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

....and i love to travel!

My love for crafting and travelling let me in 2011 to start a charity work where I provide dresses to the less-fortunate children around the world. I finally found something worthwhile to do where I can make use of my hobby and craft skills to help other people and it is not just any kind of help but helping most especially the disadvantaged children. It is for this reason that I am donating all proceeds from the sale of any digital images and/or graphics and other handmade items to my charity work Dress A Girl Australia to help pay for the cost of distributing dresses to disadvantaged kids in the world. If you want to know more about this campaign, please visit my Dress A Girl Australia blog here.

I hope you will find lots of goodies that you will like and please make a purchase. It will help a lot in sustaining my charity work and if you have any questions about this shop, please send me an email.

Thank you and Happy Crafting and travelling!