29 December 2009

May all your dreams come true in 2010!



23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year!


07 December 2009

Create your own original work of art with our Color-me-Cards

Handmades for any occasion. Designs printed from my old inkjet printer. Color-me-card Greeting Card Kits for everyone who wants to create their personal work of art. Designs have been selected to make colouring more fun and interesting and make a great keepsake you can be proud of. A real treasure to keep by that special person who receives it.

From the original color-me-card kit, I expanded to the coloring book greeting cards and color-me-wrappers. Color-me-cards are being sold as kits and includes a color-me-card, color-me-wrapper and a pack of mini-crayons. They are also sold individually as a color-me-card only or as a Color-Me-Wrapper only. Color-Me Kits makes great childrens' party favours, great childrens' activity sessions and/or projects. Makes great gifts for this holiday season. Pricing for each item and kit are as follows:

Color-Me-Card only ......... $ 2.50
Color-Me-Wrapper only ... $ 1.25
Color-Me Kit ................... $ 3.25

We have lots of designs available to choose from birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, easter and of course Christmas and more!

For kits, both the color-me-card and the color-me-wrapper have matching designs. The chocolate wrapper can accommodate a 45gms chocolate bar (ie. Aero, Cadbury bars) .

The color-me-card measures 155mm x 110mm folded size. The inside panel is blank to allow you to write your own personal message and be proud of your keepsake. Card comes with a matching standard white envelope.

The color-me-wrapper comes with a 3-block double-adhesive tapes each measuring about an inch. When you are ready to wrap your chocolate bar, all you have to do is removed the white paper from the tape. Tape has already been adhered to the wrapper.

For this Christmas, we have a special offer of 3-in-a-pack color-me-card kits at a special price of $4.50 normally being sold at $5.50. It comes with 3 color-me-cards, 3 color-me-wrappers and a pack of mini-crayons.

Click on the image above to check them out or click here. For more information on these items, please write.

Facebook FarmVille 'bigger than Twitter'

Part of my daily recreational dosage is playing farmville in facebook with my high school classmates....something I never dreamed will ever happen until this facebook phenomenon. Me and my classmates are a part of this "bigger than twitter" thingy.

Facebook FarmVille 'bigger than Twitter'


06 December 2009

Candy Cane Card

There are so many stories about the origin of candy canes. Legend has it that candy canes were created to symbolize Jesus, its shape representing the letter "J" and its color for the purity and blood of Christ. Another story that it was also created as a sweet treat for children who behaved well in church or was also used as a form of identification among Christians during a time of persecution. Fact or fiction, whatever the truth is about candy canes only one thing is certain and that is... a candy cane is probably everyones favourite at Christmas time...as a red and white ornament or as a candy where everyone enjoys tasting.

A handmade candy cane card (cards are printed from my old inkjet printer) with a real and tasteful candy cane that goes with it to give away this Christmas. A card that will surely bring radiant smiles especially among children. Cost only $1.50 including the candy cane. Comes with white envelope. Special discounts are offered for multiple purchases.

For more information on the candycane card or to purchase the item, click on the image above or click here. For special discounts offered, click here.

Message on the card : Look at the Candy Cane. What do you see? Stripes that are red like the blood shed for me. White is for my savior who's sinless and pure. J is for Jesus, my Lord that's for sure. Turn it around and a staff you will see Jesus my Shepherd was born for me!
Original artwork by Cheryl Seslar Designs.

25 November 2009

New Junk

Checkout what I got from work today. Am not just an ordinary crafter....am also a plane collector! A new junk of an Airbus A380, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 747-400 collectible planes and plane fridge magnets. My fridge door is going to have a blast...a fiesta.....become a suspended runway and international airport for my plane collection.



23 November 2009

What are these two words?


These two words are the offspring of our thoughts.



22 November 2009

It's Christmas time once again!

christmas estore

It's never too early...for the Christmas season. The season of giving ! The busiest time of the year ! The time of the year loved most by kids and adults alike...we have a wide selection of Christmas items...handmade products, home decor gifts that is perfect for christmas presents. Buttons, SOY candles, christmas tins and cans, magnets, cards, advent calendars, 2010 calendars great for Christmas party giveaways, as keepsakes for families, special friends or for anyone.
Soft Treasures' christmas e-Store ....come back everyday to checkout new items that we will be posting.



12 November 2009

Because am procrastinating?

Is it because am procrastinating that I tend to think about these things?

Words of the future : Contentment. Happiness

Motto of the present and the future : Be Safe! Be Green!


Where am I?

Hello everyone! Am back and hopefully...regularly blogging again. I wish I could say it will be more than regular blogging.

Where have I been? Well...only one word to describe....procrastinating! 80% procrastinating and also been kind of busy with my normal 9-to-5 job, been doing a lot of sorting and filing at home since I came back from my St Petersburg holiday so I could do my tax which I finally submitted on the last day of the month of October (which was the deadline and I submitted at 11:58pm! haha!).

Watch out for new and exciting items and more interesting blogging! Note that I have not really finished my St Petersburg diary but will be my next blogging project. Got new pictures of how my garden looks like these days. And got new handmade items...handcrafted especially for the coming holidays.


05 October 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, now is the best time to start thinking of what gifts to make, what crafts to start to fiddle with.....

A new issue of the HandCrafted magazine filled with good ideas to help you make with those handcrafted items:
    - 250+ of our favorite crafting projects.
    - Gifts and Home Decor. Paper Towel Art.
    - Scrapbooking.
    - Gifts and Wearable Art.
    - Stamping and Papercrafts.
    - Home Decor

Projects include a bowlful of memories, altered vintage bottle, ATC Dolls, wax fairies and more. To see more details and/or purchase the item, click here.



19 September 2009

On my way to St Petersburg!

It has always been my dream to visit St Petersburg, Russia and now am on my way to visit the place. Travelling to the place am not so sure how fun it would be but am looking forward to what I believe would be a very enriching experience.

Watch out for new postings on my St Petersburg trip. Tomorrow, 19th of Sept, would be the start of my journey...a 27-hour flight.



05 September 2009

A solution to my procrastinating....

One thing I noticed that leads one(and that's me) to procrastinate is that I try to be good at things that I am not good at. If only I concentrate on what am good at and make things better at doing them then perhaps I will not be procrastinating.

Being too perfect in everything you do sometimes leads one to procrastinate because if you think you cannot make a perfect item you tend to delay its completion because you think it might be a failure when it is finish.

Just thinking about the number of things to do due to my procrastination is making me feel to procrastinate again so I have decided to do a number of changes in my schedule after work. One is to do small jobs in small bits of time so if I start to go over all the mess I have on my desk perhaps every five minutes for three hours a day, by the end of the week I have cleaned them up(i hope! LOL!).

What is important at the end of the day....is that I am happy!




I have not been really busy...I have been procrastinating... since my last post. My last postdate was the 11th of July 2009. I cant believe that was almost 2 months ago. I kind of just felt lazy doing anything, kept putting things off and just wanted to relax and keep low from almost everything. And because keeping things off didnt seem to bother me at all I didnt realize it has lasted almost 2 months. LOL!

But inspite of my being attacked with procrastination, that still did not stop me from providing the best service to my customers. I still gave them priority when it comes to answering queries, billing and posting their orders but then now looking at my desk I see piles and piles of invoices to be sorted out and filed for tax purposes, lots of emails to go over and see which ones are waiting for new stock or which stocks to order to fill up the orders. I have a garden to clean up, a grass to mow.
I guess this procrastinating thing happens to one sometime in their life.



11 July 2009

For crafters who love coffee

In one my internet browsing moments at work, I found this coffee saying which was relevant to what we were talking about in that particular moment when happily having an enjoyable chatting moment -

Is there life before coffee? There is no life before coffee but life definitely starts after coffee! With enough coffee, anything is possible.



05 July 2009

Storybook about Kids

Are you into scrapbooking? Create a storybook for and about your child. Talk about a great idea and one that will provide memories for a lifetime and beyond.
- Step-by-step instructions to write and create a storybook for a child where he/she (the child) is the main character.
- Uses handcrafting and computer techniques to produce a one-of-a-kind book for a child.

Click here to see more details about this book and on how to purchase the item. Create a project that will be enjoyed by the child and family and friends again and again through the years.

Free to create

As a crafter I am free to create anything I want....because I am a creator.

Japanese Fabric Bags

Japanese designed fabric bags. Makeup bags, purses, fabric book covers and more. This book is in Japanese characters, instructions are in Japanese, it comes complete with patterns and illustrations.

Click here to see more details and on how to purchase the item.

Can I be a Farmer Part 2

A few weeks back I wrote a blog about the possibility of a crafter(that's me) becoming a farmer or 'can I be a farmer' as the blog title goes. Well, it looks like I can be one as long as I keep my focus on it, as long as I know what my priorities are and organize my time well. After five weeks of playing 'Farmville' in facebook, I have risen as a farmer to level 22 and still looking forward to rising to higher levels. I have taken snapshots of my farm for anyone to get a glimpse of the place below. The building, animals, fences, trees and more I earned thru my farming.



30 June 2009


If you are into altering...then don't go away...you are in the right place...for your next "treasure to keep" project !

Dreambox house for ATC's or any keepsake you would like to preserve or showcase any special project you can think of. The DreamBox frame has a stand at the back of the frame for easy table top display and a hook for easy hanging on the wall. A perfect gift for that someone special or dont be too hard on yourself....make it for yourself. Two sizes available. Click on the link below for size information and where to purchase the items -

Handmade Cards....Handmade Treasures

When you want to give someone special only the best, make it yourself ........or buy something handmade! Share your memories to all those friends and special people around the world.....with our unique selections of paper cards, fabric cards, fabric picture cards, CD cards, pillow cards, 3D-cards, mint cards, badge cards, color-me-cards... and more! All done by hand! And because they are made by hand, some are limited in quantities, some are one-of-a-kind which makes them a real treasure to keep!

Also available are card images to print wonderful cards right from your own computer! All created at 300 DPI for excellent printing! Create beautiful cards, magnets and more with any of these card sets for any occasion.

Come feel free to browse on our wide collection of cards. There might be one or two that will catch your eye! Just click on the link below -

We are offering a special discount between 5% - 15% when purchasing more than 1 card in any type of card combination. Click here for more details on the special discount offer.

28 June 2009

Get creative with buttons.

Wear them in your hat, pin them on your bags , bring a smile to a special friend or anyone, give away as party favours.....they are fun to have.... and a great way to start a button collection.

Whether it is for a birthday for that special little person in your life, family, anniversary, friendship, motivation, creating awareness, student awards and recognitions, sports, music, business promotion, people, hard-to-find designs and/or clip-arts or just about anything you can think of. Browse through our huge selection of ready-to-wear buttons. You may find something that you like or have been wanting to have one but just could not find it.

Our button shop has never had a sale like this before. 25% - 40% off on all items. You dont need a coupon or a code to enter. All discounts will automatically be taken off from the purchase amount in your sales invoice.
A click on the 'Badge e-Shop' link below will take you to our sale shop for all your ready-to-wear button needs.

Find fun and joy in life

I am a crafter but unlike other crafters it is not a full-time hobby for me as I work full-time as a senior business analyst with an airline company during the day. To keep my balance I always try to find fun and joy in my life...in whatever I do. If at the end of the day I didnt feel that happy with what I did or happened at work, I find solace when I come home...with my crafting. If am not quite happy with what I am crafting at home...I look forward to the next day going to work. I always try to find fun and joy in my life and when I do...I always find one. You should do the same thing too. If you love your life....you love yourself.



26 June 2009

Death comes like a thief in the night....

One cant really tell when it is going to happen. I grew up listening to the sounds of Michael Jackson. For me, it was all about his music and his amazing moonwalk dance. He may have had an imperfect life ( but who doesnt...the only difference was that he was being watched by everyone) but his music was a work of a genius. It was perfect. His music brought a lot of happy smiles and tapping feet. His music had a universal message. His music will live on.



22 June 2009

Mosaic Quilting

Are you into mosaic quilting? If not, do you want to be more creative and try out something new? Expand your quilting skills with Mosaic Quilting! Create and design a quilt project, a 'family heirloom' for those you love and make your quilts more special, something to treasure for generations.

Everything you need to start your own mosaic quilt. Books, DVD for visual learning and the accessories to make things easy. We have it here.

The World's only Quilted Photo Software! New simpler, easier, faster. Quilted Photo Patterns, full color and full-size patterns. For demo, click here.

21 June 2009

What a wonderful world!

the sun wasnt shining when i woke up this morning... but the first thing that came to mind was the song..what a wonderful world.....sing along with me if you feel the same way I do!
What a Wonderful World !
by Louis Armstrong
I see trees of green........ red roses too
I see em bloom..... for me and for you
And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue..... clouds of white
Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world.

The colors of a rainbow.....so pretty ..in the sky
Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by
I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do
Theyre really sayin......i love you.
I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow
Theyll learn much more.....than Ill never know
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world
(instrumental break)
The colors of a rainbow.....so pretty ..in the sky
Are there on the faces.....of people ..going by
I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do
Theyre really sayin...*spoken*(I ....love....you).

I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow
*spoken*(you know their gonna learn
A whole lot more than Ill never know)
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself .......what a wonderful world.



20 June 2009

Happy Father's Day to our North American Friends and UK

In case you dont know, Sunday, 21st of June, our North American friends and the UK are celebrating Dad's special day. If a necktie to give to Dad is no longer your cup of tea, how about a framed image of Dad and Baby printed on a 100% linen fabric with the special message of "....so glad you're my dad....".

Click here for more details and on where to purchase the item.

Try quilting!

When life goes to pieces....try quilting !

17 June 2009

Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets

The latest craze in mixed media art. Lutradur sheets. A versatile cross between fabric and paper. Revolutionary new material for sewing, crafting and mixed media arts. Easy to print, fold, cut, stitch, distress and embellish. Perfect for ink-jet printers or all-in-ones. Create delicate translucent effects with paints, inks, dyes and stamps. Use for art quilts, scrapbooks, ATC's, bookmaking, altered arts....and more!

Sold in packs of 10. Size 8.5" x 11". Click here for more details and on how to purchase the item.

Life vs quilt

Each one's life is like a quilt, bits and pieces, joys and sorrows.....stitched with love.



New Arrival : Magazine

The latest issue of the Quilting Arts Magazine. Issue 39 Jun/July 2009. Paper, fabric and stitch collage. Create colorful fabrics with your computer. Expert tips on how to sell your art quilt.

Click here for more details and on how to purchase the item.

New Arrivals : Books

Two(2) new books just arrived. One on fabric art collage and the other on cool jewelry to capture memories.

Fabric Art Collage : Everything you ever wanted to know about mixed-media fabric collage-techniqes, supplies and the fun of creating.

Hip Handmade Cool Jewelry : Add your images and keepsakes to personalize each project and you're ready to make memory jewelry of your own. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other accessories.

Click on the book title for more information on each book and on how to purchase the item :


16 June 2009

What was I up to?

Hello again. It has been awhile since my last blog. What was I really up to that took me away from blogging? For one, mother nature wasnt that cooperative. Past few days and more to come had been very cold, quite unusual for a Sydney winter.

Anyway, lots of new goodies in my e-store. New books, magazines, fabrics, new cliparts and graphics for those into scrapbooking, cardmaking and crafting.

Keep coming back on this site for first hand details.



07 June 2009

At Soft Treasures...

Being creative is only limited by one's imagination. Creative possibilities are endless !! The decision to explore all these possibilities lies within us. To keep you abreast at all times of new products and ideas, why dont you join our mailing list.



04 June 2009

Lessons from the University of Dad

To celebrate Dad's special day, here are some lessons from his university -

History : When I was your age.....
Law: As long as you live under my roof you will....
Science : Do you think money grows on trees?
Psychology : Because I said so !

02 June 2009

Necktie for Dad

To celebrate Dad's day, here is a card that symbolizes all Dads. Wearing a miniature metallic necktie.

To purchase the item, click here. To see more 'Dad' little handmade treasures, click here.

Father's Day Celebration

This month is another big family celebration to honor Dad in several countries like the US, UK, Canada and Japan. I believe it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June unlike here in Australia where we celebrate it in September. Regardless of which date it is celebrated, it all is celebrated in honor of Dad, the head of the family. It gives all of us a chance to show our respect and love for the man who sometimes comes in second after Mum.

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy ! (anonymous)



27 May 2009

Life is.....

Life is a collection of moments....a patchwork of friends.

26 May 2009

Lots of good books on art quilting just arrived

If you are in a reading mood or looking for good ideas for the next project (handy as we are now in the second half of the year and a good time to start thinking of good projects to make and give away as presents for Christmas), we have several books just arrived on art quilting, embellishments for anything. Click on the book title for more information on each book and on how to purchase the item :

24 May 2009

Quilting, papercrafting and design ideas for inspired minds

We have two(2) new arrivals for this month - Click on the magazine titles to see more details and on how to purchase the item :

May/June 2009 Issue 24

Magazine dedicated to collage, mixed media and artistic discovery. Also covers assemblage, altered books, art dolls, visual art journals, rubber stamping, book arts....anything, perhaps everything you need to know about Fabric Art and Paper crafting...for beginners and experts.

April/May 2009 Issue 38

Fabric embellishing, crazy quilting, beading, silk ribbon work, the popular artist trading cards, punchneedle embroidery, fabric dyeing, or adorning quilts....everything on fabric art.

22 May 2009

Yumcha with friends

Took the day off today from work and had yumcha with a couple of friends whom I have not seen for a while and were not in the last directors luncheon meeting I organize a few weeks ago. Dont be so impressed with the description 'directors luncheon meeting'. This is just how we decided to call it for FUN.
Except for mother nature who could'nt seem to decide whether to give us more rain or sprinkle us with a little dose of sunshine, it was a good lunch and was great catching up with friends for about 3 hours.:-)
Real-life interaction. Work....craft....family....and friends. They may seem ordinary moments to some but they always go along well together for me. Simple pleasures....great treasures. Makes life more interesting and shine.

21 May 2009

What to do to make a little difference in your day?

Answer : Do crafts. Make a quilt. A quilt is a labour of love. Anyone who hugs one or lies in bed with it, gets comforted. :-)

What makes Life

Growing up I learned that Life is what you make of it. I learned that we should take the time to love and appreciate the little things in life. It is the little and simple things that gives life more pleasures... and makes life fulfilled.

Best Things

The best things in life are handmades .....they are made with love!

Take the handmade pledge.

20 May 2009

Look what happens when I get bored

I tweeted on this particular project I ended up making when I got bored - a micro mini doll charm with a bottlecap body complete with legs and arms hanging from a ballchain necklace.
The top bottlecap actually has a message of Happy Birthday written on it. Will make a good birthday present, a wonderful keepsake to hang on the wall...not necessarily wear.

Feel Good

It is natural to feel good….especially when you are crafting! :-)

18 May 2009

I feel sad....

I feel sad today. I was one of those people who did not received Rudd's economic stimulus. Everyone in the family received a bonus except me. I dont understand why but what to do! Maybe there is something else more rewarding waiting to happen for me. I said to myself...well...money is not everything...just keep on crafting. This way I get consoled.

15 May 2009

Friday Again

Well, exactly one week since my last post. Looks like this is a friday thingy. Anyway, looking forward to a weekend of crafting and posting of new products in my website. I also am planning to finish off my cyber-friendship quilt.

14 May 2009


My family always has a special place in my heart….even when am crafting!


Why do I smile often? Why am I happy on the inside and out?

Answer : Because am C-R-A-F-T-ing!

Keep them coming....

Creative ideas and inspiration…keep them coming not only for a day but everyday.

13 May 2009

What sums up Soft Treasures?

Answer : Handmade items through quilts and softbooks... handpoured items through soy candles and expressing yourself... through handmade buttons !!! That sums up Soft Treasures !!

What the world needs now....is craft!

Hello world! I tweeted and now it's time to blog it.
... we need to take care of the world we live in and what the world needs now is Love..and Craft! Live, Love and Laugh through Craft !

Name a Business

Question : Name a business that is fulfilling, satisfying, pays just a little bit of money....but is rewarding.

Answer : Soft Treasures.

Welcome, winter!

...just when the other side of the world is heating up....down 'unda' we are coolin' down...

09 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Tomorrow, Sun, 10th of May is Mother's Day all over the world. I emphasize 'all over the world' because unlike 'Father's Day' where celebration depends on where you are in the world map, 'Mum' or 'Mom' or 'Mama' is a global celebration.

Have you ever really reflected, spared a moment or a minute of your time to think what does 'Mother's Day' really means to you, me and to everyone else? Is it just another chance to go out and have dinner or lunch or have a bbq picnic. What does it really mean?

So how about we all do it now.....spare a moment or a minute of silence and think about it.

Word Pillow for Mum

caring, loving, ray of sunshine, marvelous, thoughtful, heavensent, eternal, original....a word pillow for mum and to all mothers out there. The oval frame is where you iron-on a picture of Mum against a rose background.

08 May 2009

Friday, 08-May-2009

This morning I thought I would never say.....thank god it's friday... for I was looking forward to a crafty weekend. Now that am home.....cant think of anything crafty to do. My mind just went blank for crafty things and activities. Was it the ride on the train from work? Those noisy kids on the train who had nothing to do but shout with all their might scaring the oldies. Or is it because I am about to pay my bills for the month too. Who knows.

07 May 2009

My Cyber-Friendship Quilt

A friendship quilt is a way of connecting between friends and families. It is made up of fabric blocks usually signed by the person who contributed. These individual blocks are then pieced together to make a quilt. Sometimes it takes years for it to be completed but making one only has one purpose. To show how much they care for each other even through a quilt, it shows memories they have created as friends and families.

A cyber friendship quilt is similar to the traditional friendship quilt except that the fabric blocks or squares are graphic images or cliparts in pixels. If you want to contribute to the quilt, all you have to do is provide a quilt piece which are then added up to form a big quilt. Blocks or squares usually expresses thoughts, feelings or information for a specific subject or nominated theme.

My project is to create cyber friendship quilts. I am going to nominate several themes and will be inviting friends and families to contribute to the quilt they want to be a part of. Nominated themes could be about friendship, travel, hobbies, favourite food or if you are into nature your favourite landscape... all for fun! And what would really make it more impressive and memorable is if the images you submit are all your original works of art....your own ideas....your own friendship message and dedication....your own photos taken from your own camera. Each block that is contributed will have to be signed by the contributor.

This is a big challenge but am very excited...cant wait for it to start. More details to come....watch for it!

04 May 2009

Am I a crafter or a gardener

I love to craft but enjoy blogging about my garden and my favourite people living in the frontyard with my yuccas and cactus namely Juan, Loco, Paulo and Juanito.

05 April 2009

Who can you trust these days?

Who can you trust these days? I left my jeep at a train station near home in the morning and when I came back to pick it up after work, see what happened at the back. Someone hit the back door and left without even leaving a note.