15 November 2012

More lavender houses

I liked the very first lavender house I made. They were so cute I decided to make two more last night. There will be more lavender houses in my lavender subdivision before the week ends.:-) Lavender weights about 40 grams inside the house.
Here they are -

These houses are great for gift-giving. Am selling them in my online store for $9.95 each. Fully handmade and embellished with buttons and fabric flower laces. To purchase, click here.

14 November 2012

Creative Life Week 42 - Fabric Headband

I have actually been doing a few projects for my weekly creativity but can not seem to find the time to take pictures of it  so I cant post them yet and I think I am about a month late in posting. For the next few days, I will try to catch up and here is for my creative life week 42. Fabric headbands. I decided to use Christmas fabrics as I already had the feeling that by the time I get to post this project, it would be around Christmas time. A set of mother-daughter Christmas fabric headband. If you cant wear the same dresses then maybe something in the head would be good enough. Unfortunately my model(my niece) is not available so I cant show the headbands being worn.

The headbands are reversible similar to my head scarves and I have put a casing on my elastic. I did not put any interfacing and still they look strong enough to stand on its own because the fabric which is 100% cotton is quite thick. So now I have a choice of wearing either the headband or the head scarf on Christmas day.

Cannot wait for the end of the year when I have completed one year of creativity as I am planning to make an album of all my weekly creations and have them printed.

13 November 2012

Creative Life Week 41 - Lavender House

I want to make something different to put lavender inside. So this time I designed a house and inside the house is a pack of lavender weighing about 40 grams. I created it in such a way that it would be kind of different from the other fabric houses. The last time I made little fabric houses was when I made 5 of them and sent it to a lady in Japan who wanted to collect 100 handmade little fabric houses for  the survivors of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster which devastated much of the coastline and surrounding areas of Northern Japan. Click here to read the article. Of course, my lavender house still has windows and a door and some flowers below the windows. Here is the result of my creativity -
The house measures about 10cms x 12cms. The door to the house is a Christmas fabric with a little button as the doorknob. Am not sure if I had the right choice of fabric for the door but I wanted the house to have something Christmas about it. I hope to make more of this lavender houses to sell using non-Christmas fabrics and have more embellishments.

11 November 2012

More head scarves

This weekend, I made more head scarves using Christmas Fabrics and using fabrics for any occasion. The scarves can be worn to protect the head on hot days, or when it is windy and perhaps a bit drizzly. For the Christmas head scarf, it will be great to wear them on Christmas day.

Since I do not have a head mannequin, I convinced my niece to wear the head scarf so I could take pictures. Here she is wearing my Christmas head scarf creation.
Here are some Christmas-themed headscarves -
and Vintage hearts headscarves great for any occasion.
They come in 3 sizes : Small (30cms x 22cms) Medium (45cms x 32cms) and Large (52cms x 38cms). I made 3 sizes just to make sure all head sizes are covered. Since it is Christmas I am selling the Christmas-themed head scarves at $2.00 for small, $3.00 for the medium and $4.00 for the large. For the regular scarves for any occasion I sell the small size at $3.00, medium at $4.00 and large at $5.00.

I also accept custom orders for the head scarves for both Christmas-themed and vintage-themed. Available in my store are the selections of fabrics available.

To purchase the Christmas-themed head scarf, click here. To purchase the vintaged-themed, click here. If you are interested in head scarves, please visit my shop and purchase one. If you cannot find the right fabric, feel free to click on 'Contact Me' located on the left-side navigation bar.