20 December 2012

Dreamers Markets Big Day

Last Saturday was Dreamers Markets day and I had a great day. Unlike the previous market day in Sept which was so cold, this time it was neither cold nor hot. It was bright and sunny. I thought I would show you some of the items that I had on sale in my stall - Please note that all these items were handmade by me over the past months and some just a few weeks or few days before the market day. I do not have pictures of the actual market day since I did not bring any camera with me. This is the picture I took two nights before the big day when I was trying to test my new table cover.
This was my new table cover -
 and this was how I envisioned my stall would look like on the Saturday morning.
Here are images of several of the items that I took with me to sell -
1) My favourite lavender houses and the lavender square christmas cards which you can find hanging on the picture above at the sides -
2) then I brought with me my christmas stockings both the regular ones and the ones where you can insert a picture of the recipient -
4) I didnt bring any quilts or wallhangings but I brought my 2013 mini calendar wallhanging which you can see from the picture right next to the christmas stockings and the magnetic ones -
6) my journal covers -
7) and my clothbooks -
Some of these items are available in my online shop if anyone is interested. Because they are all made by hand, quantities are very limited. Please feel free to browse.

Now I am on to my last few creativity projects.

2013 Fabric Calendar Wallhangings

This is another project I posted a few weeks ago but without the actual calendar yet. It was just the quilted wallhanging. Last night I printed a landscape monthly calendar for 2013 on a letter-sized light brown kraft paper and with buttons attached it to the wallhanging. The full calendar wallhanging measures about 56cms long and is refillable. The printed image is about 33.5cms x 37cms. Comes with dowels for easy hanging.
Here they are - 'Love our Earth'
 and 'Think Green'
If you are into 'Being Green' and would love to see a reminder hanging on your wall check these two items out in my online shop. I have other 2013 fabric calendars available and more to come.

19 December 2012

Good Tidings of Great Joy Advent Calendar

If anyone who reads my blog remembers that a few weeks ago I posted this advent calendar but didnt have the trimmings. I completed the trimmings last Monday and decorated the wallhanging. Here it is with its 24 trimmings -
Or you can put some lights on it and hang it on your wall. You can make the trimmings permanent. Each trimming is adhered to a felt using a strongbond interface so they are strong enough to hang on the tree. Am selling this quilted calendar for $54.95 in my online shop. It may be a bit late for this Christmas but there will always be another Christmas. In fact I still have quite a few different styled calendar panels which I will try to sew as early as possible for next year.

Fabric Wine Covers this Christmas and New Year

If you want to be different this Christmas and New Year and you want to give someone a bottle of wine, why dont you try my fabric wine covers. I printed Christmas labels on a cotton inkjet fabric sheet and using a zigzag stitch I attached the label to the front section of the wine cover.
Very limited quantity, only 3 and am only selling them for $3.00 each plus postage of 1.80. Check them out here.

Creative Life Week 48 - Felt Snowman Bags and Sack

Some of you may be wondering why I am doing all these projects and blogging almost all at the same time. Am I doing all these things in one day? Actually no. I have been making them at least on a weekly basis but just have no time to sit down and blog about it. The past three weeks has been very hectic and now that Dreamers Markets is finished (last weekend) and am on a forced break from work, I finally find the time to catch up.

For week 48 I thought I would make some felt snowman bags. Not sure why I made them because I didnt actually bring them in the market to sell last weekend. The lesser things I brought with me at the market I thought it was better. I only brought the things I had a feeling was going to sell. To think that I spent so much time making the snowman hat and the bags are actually made by hand. Although I only made 6 I did it in two sizes 3 of each.
Here are the small sized bags which measures about 16cms x 23cms -
and the larger sizes which measures about 23cms x 49cms.
By the look at the sizes, these bags are meant for long items but not sure if it will hold if a bottle of wine was placed inside. In addition to the felt bags, I made one snowman sack which measured about 39cms x46cms
A bit late for Christmas as most people would have completed their purchases and wrapping materials but I still would put this in my online shop for next year. :-)

18 December 2012

Christmas Buttons

The least expensive present to give at Christmas time for family, friends, business associates and great for promoting business at Christmas time. Ready-made and ready-to-wear ! To welcome the new year!

Wear them in your hat, pin them on your bags , stick them on your fridge, bring a smile to a special friend or anyone, they are fun to have and a great way to start a button collection.
Christmas Pinback Buttons in 2 sizes - 38mm (1.5") and 57mm(2-1/4"). Each button comes pinned in a notecard with a blank inside panel for you to write your personal message. Also comes in a matching white envelope. 
Here are the designs available in the 38mm size or 1.5" - and sells for $1.50 each plus postage of 60 cents per button.
Here are the designs available in the 57mm (2.-1/4") - and sells for $1.75 each plus postage of 60 cents per button
All buttons are available for sale at my online shop. If you are after large quantity, please send an email to softtreasures@bigpond.com for postage or click on  'contact me' found on the left side navigation pane.

17 December 2012

Creative Life Week 47 - Fabric Postcards for Christmas

Last weekend I had a stall at Dreamers Markets in Parramatta and sold some of these fabric postcards I made for Christmas. This is week 48 for my creative life journey. Cant wait to finish off the whole year so I can consolidate all of my creations in one book.

These images I printed on a 100% cotton fabrics from my old and very reliable inkjet printer. And for something different from the usual fabric postcards I make and since it is also Christmas I decided to put silver brass corners.
I also made fabric postcards for friendship or anyone to liven up their life.

All these fabric postcards are available from my online shop at $5.25 each plus postage of 60 cents. They are made of 100% cotton with a thick wadding in between.

** Due to limitations in the way postage can be calculated, postage charge in excess of 60 cents for fabric postcards will be refunded once payment has been received.