07 December 2012

Creative Life Week 46 - Christmas Stockings with picture

I can see Santa peeking behind a post checking out who has been naughty and who has been nice. I still am into 'Christmas stocking' mood so for week 46 of my creative life I made a christmas stockings with a picture frame. You can then insert a picture of your special girl or boy in your life or anyone special. 

It took me a while to make it as I kind of had difficulty figuring out how to create the frame and how to put the picture inside the frame. Whenever I make something I never use a pattern. I think about how to make it at the time I am making it. So finally I decided that the best way to insert the picture into the frame was inside the stockings. I made a pocket in the lining and left an opening big enough to insert a 3" x 3" picture. The frame has a plastic to protect the picture and also to make it more authentic by using a plastic instead of a glass. Then I printed the Christmas message in an inkjet fabric sheet and stitched it on the fold and a little embellishments on the frame.
See the picture inside the frame of a girl reading a book. I am going to make 2 more of this type of stockings. Fabric has been cut. All I need is the time to sew it. 

This stocking is available in my online shop in case anyone is interested for $18.00 plus postage of $6.60.

05 December 2012

Christmas Stockings

The most traditional christmas decor you will find during the Christmas season. Stocking-shaped bags which you can hang on a mantelpiece or on a Christmas tree for Santa to put small gifts on Christmas eve for the children and even adults. I usually make these items during the Christmas season. Sometimes I would put names on it which I print on inkjet fabric sheets or sometimes Christmas greetings. They come in many styles and this time I have used laces for embellishment for a change. Some styles still have my usual christmas bells.

Made of 100% quilting cotton, each stocking measures about 36cms long and 19cms wide(widest point at the bottom) and are fully lined. Each stocking sells for $15.00 plus $6.00 postage and available for purchase in my on-line store. Stocks are very limited so hurry if you are interested. 

02 December 2012

Creative Life Week 45 - Fabric Pocket Christmas Cards

Christmas is just around the corner and that means the year is almost ending and I still need to catch up with my creative life. I have been doing lots of stuff but didnt think it should be included in my creativity for 52 weeks as some of them I have done in the past.

For Week 45  I decided to make fabric pocket Christmas cards. When people give giftcards or money they either put it inside a plain envelope or buy those money wallet cards. This time I thought I would make something different. It is still a card but I cut out images from a Christmas fabric, made them into pockets and adhered them to the cards. Then I printed an angel head on each card to use as a topper for the pocket. And to put some of the buttons I have into good use I embellished every corner of the pocket with a button.   

The pockets are big enough to hold a gift card or dollar bill notes. For the dollar note. all you have to do is fold the note and put it inside the pocket. The cards come with a matching white envelope and has a blank inside panel for your personal message.
And here are samples of how I used the fabric pocket cards. One is holding a gift card and the other a dollar bill - 
So how is that for something different. I dont think you will find this anywhere at all. This is creativity in action by Soft Treasures.

All of the cards above are available for purchase in my online store for $2.50 each plus postage of 60 cents. So why not be different this Christmas. Check out these cards here.