19 September 2012

Creative Life Week 36 - Prayer Doll

For week 36 I decided to make a prayer doll from a pattern I got from another group of Dress A Girl Around the World campaigners in the US. Am not really a doll person that is probably why it took me a while to make one. I have seen lots of them but never really thought of sitting down and making it until I saw this and asked the lady if she had a pattern or instructions to follow that I can use. Here is what I came up with following the instructions provided.
The body is made of twine. The hands have not been properly wrapped by the twine as you can see still see the piece of fabric underneath it. And I think the head is a bit big. Am thinking next time I might use a wooden ball. There is a big ribbon at the back of the dress which you cannot see. 

I always believed in the saying 'practice makes perfect' so the next one (which is in the making) would be almost perfect. :-)

Creative Life Week 35 - Little Foam Bead Boy

A little late again in posting but actually had been quite busy thinking and creating something. What I think makes it more difficult to create  is that I want to make use of the supplies that I already have. And yes I do have a lot so I dont really want to spend anymore just to be creative. 

This little boy is made of coloured foam beads for my creative life week 35. Everytime I see the foam beads I keep telling myself to think of something to make. I always thought of making a doll out of it and so here it is.
 This little guy is about 17cms tall. I used wooden beads for the neck, hands and feet and the head. I saw some doll hair leftovers so I thought I would use it too. Soon I will make the foam beadgirl version of it.
I hope you like it.