03 June 2012

Creative Life Week 22 - Decorated Heart-shaped Bottles

I think am running late now with my weekly project and this could only be explained with either am starting to become lazy or I can't think of anything to create anymore or too busy with other things I have no more time to spare for my creative journey. I think it is more of the later as there are hundreds of things one can do and I dont think I have been lazy because I have accomplished a lot in my other tasks. So just busy!

I am doing a lot of sorting and cleaning-up in my garage so I can start selling some of the unwanted stuff. Actually they are not garbaged items as some of them I am still able to use from time to time and for my creative journey but the reason why I want to sell them is so I can raise enough money to pay for sending parcels to other locations for my community work. While doing some cleaning I found I still had several heart-shaped bottles available and I thought this would be good materials to use for this week.

What I did was I took a small piece of red felt, the thick kind (about 3cms thick) and cut it in a shape of a heart. I then printed the words "you hold the key to my heart" to a piece of fabric embellished with small hearts on the edges and then cut the fabric in a shape of a heart again but this time a little smaller than the size of the felt. I then attached this heart to the felt using a non-acidic double-adhesive tape. Then at the back of the felt heart I attached a garden key (this is what they call them) which looks rusted tied with a ribbon. The key size is about 8cms long. Then I inserted the heart I created with the key at the back inside the heart-shaped bottle. This fitted perfectly inside because I made it a point that the size of the heart is only a bit smaller than the actual heart-shaped bottle. I then created a tag with a red heart in the middle and this I connected to the other end of the ribbon. The opening of the bottle is small so there is no chance of either heart or tag going out or going inside the bottle. Once this was done I then put back the cork that was use to close the opening. The ribbon you see at the neck of the bottle came with the bottle so there was no need to put more decorations outside. I would have put a ribbon if there was none.

For the other heart-shaped bottle with a longer neck, I just tied another garden key with a ribbon, placed it inside the bottle and at the end of the ribbon I tied another tag similar to the tag in the smaller heart-shaped bottle. Instead of putting the heart inside the bottle with the garden key I attached the heart-shaped fabric with the message using a non-acidic double-adhesive tape outside the bottle as you can see from the picture. I did this for variation between the small and the large bottles

So here is my 22nd project of the year - and I hope you like it.

SIze of the long-neck heart-shaped bottle is 11cms x 7cms x 15cms. Size of the normal heart-shaped bottle is 8cms x 19cms x 5cms. If you are into heart-shaped bottles I have them for sale in my gallery here. There is a limited number of quantities available so if you are looking for one, grab any of them at the earliest opportunity you have. I call them alterable goodies.