30 May 2012

My Teddy Bear

This is a teddy bear which I made about 4 years ago when I was doing a lot of fabric memory items to sell. I only wanted a simple teddy bear and one that is easy to make so I designed one and came up with this. I actually prefer a teddy bear over a doll.

The first teddy bear has an appliqued heart and the smaller bear has my nephew's picture instead. Now I remember I made this about two weeks before Valentine's Day. At that time I was also into button-making thus the Valentines button on the bear.
Now I want to revive making these teddy bears. I hope I would have the time to make them again.

If there is anyone interested to order this type of teddy bear, please feel free to send me an email.

26 May 2012

Dress A Girl Australia

In case you havent known, I actually run the global campaign of dressing girls around the world here in Australia. A global project called Dress A Girl Around the World by Hope-4-Women International whose goal is to make sure that every little girl owns at least one dress especially in the less fortunate locations around the world for each of them deserves to own one.

Last Friday, 25th of March, Dress A Girl Australia was featured in the Style Section of Hobart's Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania. Please click on the image below to read more about the article.
If you want to know more about this campaign. please feel free to send an email to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com. Would love to hear from anyone and join us on this campaign.

24 May 2012

Decaled Candle

Have you ever tried embellishing a candle using an inkjet decal paper? Here is one which I did for a work colleague of mine whose son is going to be confirmed on Sunday, 27th of May.
Image was printed from my old inkjet printer on an inkjet clear decal paper. Once the image was printed, I sprayed a Krylon acrylic crystal clear protective finish to protect the image. I sprayed it three times and once it was totally dried I applied the decal to the candle as flat as I can get after soaking it in water for about 30 seconds. I made sure that there were no air pockets and then left the application on the candle to dry.

Click here to enquire on stock availability of inkjet decal sheets.

21 May 2012

A creative Life - Recycled Denim Bag

Woohoo! I finally did one. A recycled denim bag for this week and this would also be my recycle...reuse project #3.

Finally got to use one of my denim shorts. I have 2 pairs of shorts which I bought about ten years ago in one of my trips to the US but I never used it. A pair of Union Bay denim walking shorts which I bought for about 5 dollars each in one of the factory outlets somewhere in San Francisco. And after 10 years, I don’t think I will ever have the chance to use them. Everytime I see the pairs I think of selling them but never got to do it. Perhaps now that I have made it into a denim bag, I will be able to finally use it.
Front of Bag
Back of Bag
Close-up of front section of the bag
Since I don’t have a leather belt or any kind of belt I decided to use a scarf given to me by my sister years ago as a belt. Everything on this pair of shorts is still intact. Side pockets and back pockets and even the Union Bay label. All I did was close off by sewing the section where the zipper is so if I open the zipper, nothing falls out because it is close. I used cotton webbing as handles attached to the bag using metal snaps. In the center of the bag is a 38mm sized button which I am using to hold the scarf into place. The button has the image of the earth in the shape of a heart.

As I have mentioned several times before that I only blog on what I make but I dont think I will be able to show you how I did it because I cant really find the time to sit down and do the instructions but I hope you like my creations and liked my sewing project this week.

13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

To all the mothers out there, I hope you all enjoy your special day!
Happy Mother's Day!

12 May 2012

Creative Life Week 20 - Image printing on fabric for mini quilts

For this week, wasnt so sure what to create especially that it is mother's day this weekend. The past few nights though I did some image printing on inkjet fabric sheets which I hope to use in mini quilts I plan to make. 

I want to make a quilt that deals with the children being our future and about peace using the images below - .
I also printed some mother's day stickers to celebrate Mother's Day.
In the coming weeks, dont be surprised if I post my quilt creations using any of the above images.

If you want to do your own image printing, check out my wide selection of inkjet printable fabric sheets here or click on any of the images above. If you have any questions regarding the usage of the fabric sheets, please send an email.

06 May 2012

Creative Life Week 19 - Fabric yoyos and lots of fabric yoyos

This week I did a clean-up of a spare room I use for Dress A Girl Australia. Over time while sewing dresses I was able to collect again a bag of fabric scraps and I really do not like the idea of throwing them away. I know I will be able to think of something to make and use them in the future. So for this week I decided to cut the fabric scraps into circles and create fabric yoyos. And unbelievably I ended up making about 200 pieces of fabric yoyos.

While typing this article I still cant think of what to do with them. I might make a centerpiece out of some or a vase of fabric yoyo flowers quilt or a corsage. Am thinking of selling some of them too.

Am sure this will not be the end of my fabric yoyo making as I still have lots of fabric scraps left not only from making dresses but also from previous projects I had been making using fabrics.