12 May 2012

Creative Life Week 20 - Image printing on fabric for mini quilts

For this week, wasnt so sure what to create especially that it is mother's day this weekend. The past few nights though I did some image printing on inkjet fabric sheets which I hope to use in mini quilts I plan to make. 

I want to make a quilt that deals with the children being our future and about peace using the images below - .
I also printed some mother's day stickers to celebrate Mother's Day.
In the coming weeks, dont be surprised if I post my quilt creations using any of the above images.

If you want to do your own image printing, check out my wide selection of inkjet printable fabric sheets here. If you have any questions regarding the usage of the fabric sheets, please send an email to softtreasures@bigpond.com.

06 May 2012

Creative Life Week 19 - Fabric yoyos and lots of fabric yoyos

This week I did a clean-up of a spare room I use for Dress A Girl Australia. Over time while sewing dresses I was able to collect again a bag of fabric scraps and I really do not like the idea of throwing them away. I know I will be able to think of something to make and use them in the future. So for this week I decided to cut the fabric scraps into circles and create fabric yoyos. And unbelievably I ended up making about 200 pieces of fabric yoyos.

While typing this article I still cant think of what to do with them. I might make a centerpiece out of some or a vase of fabric yoyo flowers quilt or a corsage. Am thinking of selling some of them too.
Am sure this will not be the end of my fabric yoyo making as I still have lots of fabric scraps left not only from making dresses but also from previous projects I had been making using fabrics.

If you want to purchase some fabric yoyos to help me raise funds for Dress A Girl Australia’s postage, check out the fabric yoyo combination available for sale here

You can purchase them for as low as 5 pcs per $1.00. And when you purchase a pack, please make sure you purchase a postage for it so you pay for the correct postage charge. Unfortunately the site where I sell my stuff does not allow flexibility in postage calculation.