30 January 2012

Creative Life Week 5 - 2012 CD Calendars

I started making this project in early December and didnt have enough time to finish it. I could only make 2 months out of the 12 months of 2012 and decided to stop making it. My intention was to make them so I could sell them.

Two weeks ago I started to work on it again until I finally was able to complete the whole year but only for 1 set. Since I already had completed the templates, it was now easy to print additional sets. 

So this week I again decided to make more CD calendars and in 2 sizes. I was able to print 6 sets for the large calendar (4.75 x 5.5) and 4 sets of the smaller size (3.50 x 3.75). Both sizes are in inches. The monthly images from January to December are pictures of Dress A Girl Around the World distribution of dresses to the less fortunate children around the world. I printed more so I could send them to my friends, show off my latest creation of a CD calendar.

Below are the monthly templates for the small-sized calendars -

To see the complete 2012 CD Calendar set, click here.