16 January 2012

Creative Life Week 3 - First project – my niece 21st birthday in early March.

My first project is now underway and I reckon this project will take me about 4-5 weeks in the making or until the birthday party actually happens. Am not sure if I would be able to create new projects every week, if time would allow me to make small things in between within these 4-5 weeks timeframe but will see how it goes. I might be able to squeeze in a tag or 2 and be able to promote some of the supplies I sell. J

The tasks within this project would be (1) to create 45 invites with matching envelopes (2) create a small quilted wallhanging which will hold personal messages for my niece from her friends and family. These messages she will then open and read at her party. (3) make a special gift box for invited guests to drop their envelope presents. The idea of the box is so small presents are kept in one place only. Their might be a 4th task which is to create paper buntings to adorn her marquee. A marquee will be setup as the party is going to be held only at their place of residence. They have this big wide lawn which is good enough to accommodate her guests.

For the invites, I have come up with a gown-shaped card which opens up for the details of the event. The gown would be coloured white with a pink ribbon belt and a pink single rose to be adorned on the shoulder. Although her color theme is pink, she decided to have a white gown and instead use the color pink only as an embellishment of the gown.

The size of this invite is about 17cms in height and about 8cms wide (widest point of the lower section of the gown). The card below is a prototype of the invite.

The printing of the details of the event in the inside panel of the gown-shaped card is a bit tricky but can only figure out how to do the printing when the details of the event are finalized plus I might throw in a couple of pictures of the birthday celebrant.

So there you go. My first project of ‘my creative journey – week 3’.

The saga will continue.

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