23 January 2012

Creative Life Week 4 - New Project - Kindle Cover

I am still doing the invites for my niece but once you have decided on the card design, finalized what information you need to print and decided on what pictures to include on the invite, the next few steps tend to become boring. There is not much challenge when you have done the printing and start cutting especially after you have done it about a dozen times. Making about 45 of them starts to become so routine that I decided to squeeze in a new project.

This time I thought I would make something for myself so I made a kindle cover for my kindle. It wasnt really difficult to make since I only wanted a simple one, as long as my kindle gets protected from the car and house keys, wallets, pen and other things I have inside my bag. The longest task to finish was looking for a spare velcro from among my piles of craft supplies so I can close the cover when am not using it. Just when you need one you cannot find it. 

Being a fabric hoarder had an advantage again as there was no need to go and buy the fabric material. I have several metres of fabrics that are already padded and quilted so this saved me a lot of time but I would have wanted to use one with perhaps alphabets or books printed on it if I had one. I finally opted for the fabric with a 'travel' theme. Perhaps it will go well when am travelling with my kindle or taking the train to work with my kindle. :-)

Here is the kindle cover I made with my kindle on it. 

I hope you will like it. Or inspire you to make one if you have a kindle.

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