14 January 2012

Creative Life Week 2 - Decision Making

It is only week 2 of my creative life for the next 52 weeks and am already wondering what is going to keep me motivated to keep this project going. Haha! Anyway, I have decided to go for 2 projects for the next 52 weeks.

First project is something that I am going to do regardless of whether I was going to opt for a creative life for the next 52 weeks or not. Dress A Girl Australia is a charity work am doing very close to my heart. Last year I did a couple of daily sewing marathons running for 28 days each making pillowcase dresses for the less fortunate children around the world so I could have more dresses to distribute in addition to the donations I was receiving from the community. This year, my goal is to make sure I sew 2 items a week (a pillowcase dress for a girl and a pair of shorts for the boys) for the next 52 weeks. This will be in addition to any sewing marathons I would decide to hold anytime during the year. What this means is that for the year 2012, Dress A Girl Australia is assured of 52 pillowcase dresses and 52 pairs of shorts from Soft Treasures. The materials will be coming from the heaps of pillowcases and bundles of fabrics I have been receiving as donations to Dress A Girl Australia. This is my personal journey which I started April of last year and I hope to continue on for as long as I have pillowcases and fabrics to make into dresses. There will be other exciting activities that Dress A Girl Australia is planning to create in 2012 to make a difference in this world and make this world a better place so watch out for it.

My second project is what I would call my creative journey. Become creative or find and create projects for the next 52 weeks. As I have said I have never done this before but I am willing to take on the challenge and see what I am capable of and where my limits are up to. Although limited only by one’s imagination, I know the the possibilities of creating are endless.

What a very busy year I have ahead of me. This is really going to test my stress levels. Don’t forget that in addition to these journeys I do have a full-time job from Monday to Friday which I also enjoy and commitments to family and friends….but bring it on !

13 January 2012

Creative Life Week 1 - Planning & Preparation through Art Prompts

What motivated me to challenge myself with this new year's resolution?
With the number of write-ups I have been reading from different craft and mixed media books and magazines endorsing a year of creativity as a new year’s resolution, this prompted me to participate on this year-long project. I used the term participate because there is possibly a lot of crafters and hobbyist all over the world doing their own version of this project on their own or in groups. I have been known to have great ideas to craft or to handmake among family and friends but they always stayed in my head, felt happy that I have thought and talk about it. This time I am willing to take the risk or the challenge of actually doing them. 

For this very reason, this is the jar that is going to help me attain my goal for 2012. I am going to call it my Art Prompts jar. I printed the label from a writeup in a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine who is recommending a year of creativity as well.

On this jar will contain ideas of what to create in a particular day or week for a whole year. Where would these ideas come from? Everywhere. Every now and then, if I think of something good to create or see good ideas from craft books or magazines, I would write it on pieces of paper and drop on this jar. On days and/or weeks when my mind would go blank for ideas, I would pick one from this jar. Wouldnt that be great as a motivator?

Everything and anything I do will be posted on this site. This fabric journal would also help me throughout the year. 

So I guess it is time to start my year of creativity. It is time to rock! :-)

12 January 2012

Site makeover

Site makeover is going on in softtreasures.com website. An automatic checkout will now be available once the changes are completed. Checkout payments will be processed via paypal only. If you prefer to make a bank deposit payment, then you will still need to let us know by sending an email to softtreasures@bigpond.com. Provide us with the details of the item you are intending to purchase and quantity. We will then send you an invoice with the bank details for deposit payment.

Two new sites are available for anyone to visit :

Sarisari Webstore - site to buy real handmades, real treasures to keep. This time you can stop wondering if someone makes them, wish that someone really makes them? 'handmades by softtreasures' ...products of Soft Treasures' creativity.

or copy and paste the URL below -

Dress A Girl Australia - site that sells all items donated by family, friends, small business shops, mums who love crafts to Dress A Girl Australia to help raise funds for postage to dress the less fortunate children around the world.

or copy and paste the URL below -

For more information about Dress A Girl Australia, please visit

or send an email to

Check out these two interesting sites. You may find something that you will like.

11 January 2012

A creative life in 2012

Last week I blogged about a new project which I will be undertaking and will be running throughout the year 2012. So here it is – I am intending to live a creative life for the next 52 weeks. A daily creativity would probably be pushing too much so I will just go for a weekly creation. Even with the weekly goal it would already be a real challenge considering the number of things I already do but I will try my very best to achieve it. I know what am capable of doing in my working life so this time I would like to see and experience what am capable of in the world of creation.

The first week has already passed but I needed last week to think of what I really wanted to do, check out all supplies I probably would need as I want to make use of what I’ve already got at home. Also I want to document everything I intend to create regardless of whether I finish a weekly project or not.

Last Christmas, my sister gave me a fabric-covered journal which I referred to as my ‘Dress A Girl’ journal. In this journal I intended to capture images of all the things I have made or done for dress a girl. I have decided that I will be using the same journal for my 52-week creative life this way I only maintain one log. Having too many logs to update will bring out the procrastinator in me. I wonder what the journal would look like at the end of the year. Hahaha! Knowing myself, 52 weeks is a long way to go to get inspired to do something or rather always inspired to do something but only in my head.

So come and join me in this creative journey challenge. Please feel free to send me a message or post a comment and show and tell me what you have created for yourself. This is another journey in my life for the next 52 weeks and honestly I don’t know where it will take me or what the results would be but am sure I will be enjoying every minute and having fun doing it.