22 October 2017

i-personalise handmade mini quilts

Making quilts big and small is really my number one and favourite hobby. I learned embroidery from my junior  high school days' Home Economics subject where every week we learn one kind of embroidery stitch and then we will be asked by our teacher to create it on a piece of fabric. Then at the end of the year we are required to create an album of all embroidery stitches we learned and made during the year as part of our final grade. I also learned a little bit of sewing from my senior class where I sewed my very first dress and had to wear and show it to all my classmates at the end of the year. Crochet, learning all crochet stitches and an album at the end of the year and cooking classes I also learned the basics from high school.

But it is patchwork and quilting that really got into me because I never learned it from school. I learned it on my own. I learned from reading quilting magazines and following patterns and i ended up a fabric hoarder and have lots of fat quarters collection. And up to this day it still excites me to create quilts which gave me the idea of making personalise handmade mini quilts. This way I am able to use some of my scraps. With small quilts I can sometimes finish it in a day compared to the really big ones which sometimes take me a year to make. Sometimes I print designs on printable fabric sheets and create them into postcards or as mini wallhangings. I call them 'quilt-a-greet' where you greet someone on their special day with a personalised mini quilt or express your sentiments through a quilt. See some of the creations I have made below. Some of them are one-of-a-kind so they sell quickly.
Click on the image above or click here to check them out individually and if you like any of them, please make a purchase. Prices are at a minimal as I want to sell a lot to help me finance my charity work. More items will be listed as soon as I finished with my quality control process. Thank you.

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