10 February 2013

New product 2013 - Lavender Angel of Heart

One of the items I made out of my fabric scraps is this Lavender Angel of Heart - 'the key to my heart'. I still am undecided on whether to use a wooden ball for the head but this is basically it and I will be making more of this to sell in my Dress A Girl online shop hoping that I would be able to raise more funds for my charity work. I already have the lavender house and now I have the angel of heart.

The angel of heart measures about 16cms x 20.5cms. I placed a thin wadding(the ones I normally used in my fabric postcards) and also I placed a small georgette bag inside with a 20ml of lavender. And the highlight of this handmade heart is the key which you find at the center of the heart. This is a rusted garden key measuring about 6cms and inside a pocket measuring about 4.5cms x 7.5cms sealed by a craft plastic.
So if the lavender house which I released late last year was not your type, perhaps this lavender angel of heart would be? A great way to celebrate the month of love with someone you love.

For any interest on this item, please send an email to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com. This item will be sold in Dress A Girl Australia's online shop and will be available in the next few days.  Fingers crossed before Thursday, valentines day for $12.00 each.

Fabric Embellishments

Yesterday I had the chance of opening my fabric scrapbags and it literally triggered my mind to become creative once again. It feels so good when you get the chance to think and do something you love and do best and enjoying every minute of it. I saw that I had so many fabric scraps and I think it is time to start making things out of it.

For a start I made some fabric roses I can use to embellish future projects. I made fabric roses with stems(pictured on the right.
I did a fabric rose corsage(pictured on the left) which I then use to embellish my bag.
Now I need to find a glue that is more sturdy and more permanent which I can then used to glue the fabric flowers to pins. As I make more of these items, I hope I would be able to sell some of them to raise funds for my charity.