21 July 2012

Creative Life Week 28 - My Fabric Yoyo Art in a canvas

A few weeks back I did a lot of fabric yo-yos but was'nt sure on what to do with them. Well this time I think I have come up with something. In one of the magazines I was reading the past couple of weeks I saw an article of how fabric yoyos were made into an art by attaching them to canvas. I thought that wall art was really unique and beautiful I decided to make one using the fabric yoyos I had.

In one of my trips to a thrift store or a two-dollar shop as we all know, I found a 10" x 10" canvas that came with an easel stand. I decided to buy it even though I didnt know what to do with them but the easel stand was what convinced me to buy. So finally I was able to put it to good use last week.

I wanted the canvas art to have a red background so I painted the whole canvas with red and once it had dried up I started attaching the fabric yoyos one by one using  a glue gun until the whole canvas was covered. I did'nt like the spaces that were left uncovered so I started to make small roses made of felt and covered the spaces with the roses. Same as the fabric yoyos, a glue gun helped me attached the roses to the canvas. So here is the result of my fabric yoyo art, my creative life week #28 and I hope you like it.
Week 28 - Fabric Yoyo Wall Art in an easel stand
I still have lots of fabric yoyos left so watch out for more creations making use of them in the coming weeks and I hope to buy more of these canvas/easel stand if I see it again in the shop. If you can see the easel stand, I think you will understand why I bought it.Both the canvas and the easel stand costs me $4.50. The fabric yoyos were made out of scraps including the felt I used for the roses. So I think this whole fabric art cost me no more than $7.00 with scraps worth $2.50.

15 July 2012

Mini Quilted Greeting in a Tin

When I lost my job about 5 years ago, making small quilts kept me busy while trying to figure out what to do in the next chapter of my life. The job I had was my first job and stayed there for more than a decade until the day came when I was told they had to let me and the rest of the group go as they had outsourced the roles we were doing and our services were no longer required. This opened the opportunity for me to make more handmade items as I had found the time to do them and some to sell to earn some money. It opened up whatever creative skills I had which were untapped I think because I was busy making a career. 

From a programmer to a handmaker, one of the things I made were small quilts to be given away as presents and were packaged in small tins. The small quilts reflected the occasion being celebrated such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Valentines. And then I would customized the labels of the tin which matches the occasion. This is one of the mini quilted greetings in a tin which I made and was quite a hit. I sold them for $19.95 each including the tin. I didnt make that much out of it. In fact I had to buy the tins but because I was enjoying making them I didnt mind  selling them at give-away prices.

This particular greeting was great to give to that someone special in your life who you wanted for that someone to know that you cared. I think I sold about 10 of them and kept one as a souvenir. You will never find this anywhere, the quilted greeting nor the tin can. This handmade item was a result of my creativity.

The quilted greeting measured only about 10cms x 12cms. I always like small things that is probably why I enjoyed making this mini quilts. You may not see it well but all the hearts inside the jar are quilted including the jar, the ribbon and the 'full of love' label.
 And at the back of each mini quilt was attached a quilt label where one could also write their own message.
 I folded the mini quilt as small as possible to fit the pint-size can below and then pressed the tin cover to seal the can. 
 When I decided to go back to work I spent less and less time making handmades again. When I did, it was only for special occasions. I also spent less time updating my online shops and less time blogging. But when you love what you are doing, you can never stop doing it so here I am back to making handmades. I still have my full-time job during the day(M to F) and am busy running and promoting my Dress A Girl Around the World campaign here in Australia but from time to time and whenever I can I make as many handmade items I can sell to raise funds for my community work.

Please feel free to browse my handmades including the cliparts and digital images I am selling and if you see anything you like and would like to order or make a purchase, please do so. Proceeds goes to a very worthwhile and rewarding cause. 

If there is anything specific you want to be made, please feel free to send me an email. You will never know I  might be making them.

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