14 July 2012

Creative Life Week 27 - More gift cans with leather strap

I do make things regularly on my creative life but just dont have the time to post them here in my blog. This will be the last of my gift can series and then all my supplies will be kept until such time that someone will like any of them and make an order. I put leather straps on coffee cans, big and small round cans and this time on new silver-coloured tins great for storing cookies. These cans can also be great for packaging any presents such as for a birthday, christmas or any special occasions. It is only this time that I have started putting leather-strap handles.

I used to use these tins as my gift packaging for small quilts which I called Quilted Greetings in a tin. The image on the small quilts usually reflect the occasion being celebrated. If the occasion was a birthday the small quilt will have a birthday image or a birthday greeting on it. This time I have attached leather straps for easy carrying which makes it even more great for gift packaging.

I did a decoupage on one of the tins using white polka dots with red background napkins. The leather strap handle is coloured black with two gold brads on each side to hold the strap to the tin. Any of these tins are great to use for packaging birthday cookies or any birthday present, Christmas or to package valentines day presents.
Here is the decoupaged tin with black leather handle -
and here is a sample of a small quilt that I made and think will be great as a Valentines present or any special occasions for someone you care about.
On this particular tin with a cream-coloured leather-strap handle, I printed on a self-adhesive inkjet fabric sheet the word 'Luck' to celebrate St Patrick's Day.
and here is a recommended small greeting quilt that will go nicely with the leather handled tin -
Am starting to make a lot more of this quilted greetings again and will be posting it in my online gallery. They measure about 30cms x 30cms and I could customise the label for you depending on the occasion if you are interested on the leather handled tin for packaging. The small quilt greeting would cost you $39.95 plus 10.00 if you are opting for the tin. I dont make the tins I buy them but the label(s) and the small quilts are all made by hand by me.

To register your interest on these types of handmade gifts, please click here to send me an email or click on the 'contact me' form which you can find on the left sidebar.

08 July 2012

Another recycling in my creative life?

Guess what I have been trying to collect the past few months. Rice bags and I now have 2 of them. It takes a while to collect them as each bag holds 5 kilos of rice and everyone knows how long it would take to finish 5 kilos. Here are the bags I have collected so far -
I should be able to use these 2 bags very soon and at the same time continue collecting them. I look forward to re-using these bags. Watch out for what I can create with them.

New Clipart Sets in Raggedy Bunnies

This time we have the Raggedy Bunnies collection. 11 individual sets @ $1.50 each. All images also represents the event or occasion being celebrated like birthdays, christmas, easter, valentines and other special occasions.
Raggedy Bunnies Special Occasions
Raggedy Bunnies Fun Time
New blocks are also available with 4 individual sets included in each block. Each block 4 sets for the price of 3. Each block @ $4.50 each. The whole set of 11 can also be purchased at the special price of $9.95. A big savings with each individual set costing under a dollar each.

All new images available for purchase at my online shop

Handmade Books for Recipes and/or Journals

Thinking of giving someone a handmade book of recipes or a handmade journal book to log their daily activities on their special day? Check out our set of pages complete with cover, tabs and blank pages with their unique images for you to print out on your own. Individual pages can be printed as many times as you want and save you a lot of money. The pages can be bound by you using paper, fabric, leather and can be a treasure to keep.

We have different recipe and/or journal books to choose from depending on the occasion you are celebrating. Here are some samples of our recipe and journal books -
All recipe and journal books are on sale at $2.25 each and available for purchase in my online shop. Check them out and see if there is anything you like and make a purchase. 

All proceeds from the sale of all cliparts and digital images will go to the postage fund of Dress A Girl Australia. For more details about Dress A Girl Australia, click here.