27 February 2012

Creative Life Week 9 - Pocket Quilt

This last week I was busy finishing a pocket quilt for my niece who is celebrating her 21st birthday this weekend. The idea of the pockets in the quilt, all 21 of them is to gather 21 things about her from friends and family. Each pocket will hold a description of her or anything you can say about her. 

It was quite tricky to put them together as 21 is not really an even number. Whichever way or direction I go for the 21 pockets I always ended up with one extra until finally I decided to put the 3 pockets below her printed images.

The images at the center of the quilt is printed on a 13" x 19" 100% cotton poplin inkjet fabric sheet. The block measures 30.5cms x 41.5cms. The 21 pockets measures 6.5cms x 8.5cms. The whole quilt measures 56cms x 65cms.
I now have 5 nights to go to finish the quilt and print the 21 messages I need to put inside the pockets. When this is done, I will take another picture and post it on this site.

Please send me an email or click on the 'contact me' option on the left navigation pane if you want to know more about printing images on fabrics or making your own fabrics.

For more information on inkjet fabric sheets or to purchase inkjet fabric sheets, visit my gallery.

My Gallery Site is running again

It looks like the links are now working properly. My gallery site is up and running again. Here is the link. If the link does not work, copy and paste the URL below in your browser and click.

Thank you for your patience.

26 February 2012

Problems with My Gallery Site

My gallery site is having problems with links. Instead of taking you to the new site it is linking you back to the old site. Am trying to have it rectified as soon as possible. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.