24 February 2012

Recycle...Reuse Project #2 - Photoalbum Purse to a Kindle Purse

The second re-usable item I made into a new one is a photoalbum purse which I bought about six months ago  from a thrift shop. My plan was to make an album for a friend's birthday but I never got into it. While cleaning a cabinet in the garage I saw the photoalbum again and my mind started to wonder(again) what I can do to be able to use it. So instead of putting it back in the box I took it with me inside the house and unknowingly placed it next to my kindle on the benchtop.

Sunday nights I usually checked my working bag to make sure that I have everything I need for work the next day which includes train ticket, work id, make sure batteries have been recharged for my kindle. And then I saw the photoalbum and saw that it was more or less the same size as my kindle or slightly larger which then would make an ideal kindle holder. So I started making measurements and placed my kindle right in the middle of the open purse and yippee it did fit!  The only problem was that you have to be careful when you open the purse to avoid dropping the kindle. 

I removed the plastic photo pocket inserts inside the purse. They were sewn into the purse so had to be very careful I didnt end up with a hole when removing the thread and then started looking for double-sided adhesive velcros. I was going to use the velcros to hold the kindle in place so it does not fall off. And here is my new kindle purse. The embroidered word of  'Cool' appropriately describes my new kindle purse.

Come back often for more old to new project items.

Recycle...Reuse Project #1 - Magnetic Calendars to a Magnetic Fridge Invites

When we were still small, we used to collect old newspapers and empty bottles and bring it to a chinese shop to sell so we could have  money to spend during the summer break. At that time we didnt know we were recycling. All we were thinking about was for us to earn money we needed to collect and sell old newspapers and empty bottles.

Until now I am still a big fan of recycling and reusing. A big fan of being green. I still make sure I recycle old newspapers and cans and recyclable bottles. In fact I created a 'Be Green' quilted panel for the Dream Rocket project (which I still have to send) and a quilted wallhanging also on being green. When I do decoupage, I used old prints of newspapers. In some of my craft projects I try to make use of what is available at home before I buy something new.

So from now on, if and when I find something old and make something new out it I will be posting the old and the new projects here in my blog. I will have a special corner for it so it can be easily found in case there are some readers out there who wants to see what I did with the old items.

First on the list (and I think I have mentioned this over and over again) are the magnetic calendars which we usually find dumped in our postboxes. I needed magnets for my niece's invites so they can decorate the invites on their fridge doors. Instead of buying new magnet sheets I cut the old magnetic calendars into small squares and using a double adhesive clear tape I attached these small magnet squares at the back of each gown-shaped party invites.
I think you should try to do the same. Save those magnetic calendars in case you will need them in any of your future projects.

23 February 2012

Craft Books on Sale

Great craft books to help you create wonderful personalized gifts. Heavily discounted books on quilting and cardmaking on sale at my gallery for $14.95 each. 

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20 February 2012

Creative Life Week 8 - Create your own fabric prints

Unlike other artists where they focus on a single theme in their creativity, I do not have a theme to focus on. I just create anything I like to create. A  free crafter and do anything that I would enjoy making.

For this week, I created my own fabric prints using my old inkjet printer and specially treated inkjet fabric sheets and created 4 projects. Am unstoppable when am doing my own printing. I started making my own fabric prints about 8 years ago and concentrated only on memory quilts, pillows and family trees. I enjoy making items that shows pictures of real people.

First on the list are fabric bookmarks. Measuring 7.5cms x 18.5cms I printed pictures of my niece and nephew,  their names and a small message on each bookmark which characterizes each person.  My nephew is an avid reader (once joined a competition on being able to read 10 books in a month) so the message I printed on his bookmark is 'Please help me stop'. My niece is the exact opposite that sometimes we tease her if she would be able to finish reading the book in a year's time so the message I printed is 'This is where I fell asleep'. To highlight the images, names and messages I drew squares using running stitches and finished off the bookmarks with ribbons.

Front Panel Bookmarks
Back Panel Bookmarks
Second project on the list are Fabric mini memory pillow keychains. Fabric keychains measures 11cms x 8cms. Pictures and back panel prints are  printed on specially treated inkjet fabric sheets. One of the mini pillows is finished off with a blanket stitch by hand using a black thread.

Third project on the list is a memory heart pillow. Measures 15cms x 15cms(widest and highest points of the heart) On each side of the heart I printed pictures of my 2 nephews and finished off the heart with a ribbon for easy hanging on the wall.

Last on the list is a memory family tree pillow. Measures 35cms x 26cms, I printed an image of a family tree on a specially treated inkjet fabric sheet and made it into a huggable family tree pillow. The family tree includes the name of that special little boy or girl in your life, parents, grandparents, great grandparents on both the maternal and paternal sides which you write on the boxes provided. The picture of the little boy or girl can also be added below the name.

My gallery specializes in memory items made of fabric. I also accept custom-orders on any memory products including printing of images on fabrics. For more information, please send an email to enquiries@softtreasures.com.au or you can click on the 'Contact Me' option located on the left navigation pane.

If you prefer to do your own printing and creation of any memory items, specially treated inkjet fabric sheets are also available for purchase in my gallery under Inkjet Printables. Click on gallery or copy and paste the URL below in your internet browser to access my gallery.