15 February 2012

Creative Life Week 7 - Little Fabric Houses

I wasnt so sure if I wanted to be creative this week as I wanted to have a rest from the past 3 weeks of serious creations. I thought that if I created something for this week I will have to use the fabric scraps I have been collecting over the years and increasing in quantity since I started making dresses for Dress A Girl Australia. Every bedroom door I have in my house you will find plastic bags full of scraps hanging on the doorknob. Am not only a fabric hoarder but a fabric scrap hoarder too.

Then while reading blogs I follow on the train on my way to work I found this blog of a lady living in Japan who wanted to collect 100 handmade little fabric houses for the survivors of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster which devastated much of the coastline and surrounding areas of Northern Japan. She wanted to collect 100 handmade little houses with messages so she can share them with the people in the community. I thought it was such a nice gesture and a good way to put my fabric scraps into good use. I also thought the little houses made from her pattern were so cute I needed to make one myself.

So for my Week 7 creative life, here are the five houses I made since Friday night. I was thinking of making only one house to send but after completing the little house, I decided to make another one until I ended up with 5 little houses. It was so much fun making them that I am going to make one more for my collection.

At the back of each of these little fabric houses, I attached the message below which I printed on a fabric sheet - 
ippo ippo minna no sutekina mirai e (step by step for a wonderful future)

I was in a hurry to pack these little houses so I could send it today that I forgot to take a picture of the back of the house.

To know more about the little houses project, click here. But hurry if you want to donate as the deadline for all houses is on the 21st of Feb. Or copy and paste the URL below in your internet browser.

I hope these little houses will give hope to the japanese survivors of the tragedy which is turning one year next month.