13 April 2018

Small Quilts for Mum

Mother's Day is fast approaching. If you have a mum who seems to have everything and you dont know what to give, if you think your mum deserves something more special like a handmade treasure, here is another something to think about. A selection of 7 small quilts in various sizes and are all on special price of $32.95 and/or $29.95 each. Click on the image below or click here to check out these great handmade quilts.
All small quilts come with bonus dowel with stopends for easy hanging. Each quilt is frameable all you have to do is remove the dowel. If you have any questions about these quilts, please send me an email.

Proceeds from the sale of these beautiful handmade quilts will be used to pay for the cost of distributing dresses to disadvantaged children in several locations. Click here to know more about my self-funded charity work.

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