15 April 2012

i-create Week 16 - Decoupage - Stamped Bottle

It is now week 16. I still am into decoupage. This time I thought of covering an empty bottle with australian stamps. For $3.00 I got a pack of old and new australian stamps numbering between 100-150 stamps. Some were so old one had a cost of 6 cents it made me wonder whether I should just keep them but ended up decoupaged in the bottle as am not really a stamp collector or into stamps. I just bought the stamps for decoupaging.

I made this project years ago in our Home Economics class and at that time didnt really appreciate it that much. I think I was just forced to do it because it was a class project and making one was required to pass the subject. :-) This time I think I enjoyed doing it.

Here is what I did. The images shows the 4 sides of the bottle.
I still have lots of stamps left I might do another couple of stamp decoupaging.

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