08 March 2018

"Family Tree" Memory Quilt

A Memory Quilt in the form of a family tree - A legacy for future generations…a quilted family tree that can preserve memories of those who live in our hearts. An excellent gift to give to Mum or Grandma on their special days or to give to Mum and/or Grandma on Mother's Day or for anyone on any occasion , showing generations of love. Something special to hold, hug or look at any time of the day, month or year.

An enlarged tree printed on 100% cotton fabric sheets with seven frames that can show quilt pieces and/or pictures of your family history. Approximate size of the quilted tree is 13.5” wide by 18” high and each picture frame is approximately 3” wide and 1.5” high. Binded by a 100% cotton brown fabric with running stitches all around the square about 2” wide to look like it has been framed. Total approximate size of the memory quilt is 18” x 22”. Picture frames, hill background and tree trunk has been handquilted. At the back is a quilt label where you can jot down the date, write to whom you are giving the quilt to and from whom . Click on the image above or click here to check out this item. And watch out for more family tree quilts!

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