28 July 2015

Craft Magazines on Sale

I found a lot of handmade magazines and special issues. Some of these have only been read once or knowing me and my schedule I probably just bought it and didnt have a chance to look at all the pages of the magazines. At first I was thinking of just dropping them off in charity bins but then I realized if these magazines were to be sold by the charity shops I might as well sell them myself and raise money out of it as I also desperately need funds. At a dollar or two plus postage of $2.10 and/or $3.50, I can see myself earning about 40 dollars from these publications. Check them out in my Dress A Girl e-shop and if there is anything you like, please make a purchase. Proceeds go to a very worthwhile cause.
1) Dressmaking with stitches -
2) Bags and Bagmaking -
3) Handmade and Quilting -
4) Kids and Other Craft Magazines -
Please help spread the word around!