20 November 2014

Another Dress A Girl Christmas card on sale for fundraising

Finally I have thought of another Dress A Girl Australia christmas card and this time with an image of a dress that we make to provide dresses for disadvantaged children around the world to give and share them love, happiness and hope especially this Christmas.
Dresses on the cards could be different on any of the cards from what is shown above as dresses on the cards are made of actual fabric from fabric scraps and/or remnants from dresses made so they could be any fabric. Left inside panel has the image of Dress A Girl Australia's 'i-dress' verb and the right side panel is blank for personalized message. Comes with a matching white envelope for easy gift-giving and/or mailing.
Regular price of card is $2.50. This Christmas the cards are on sale at $2.00 per card plus actual postage cost of $.70 which is included in the selling price.

For a pack of 10, regular pack sells for $25.00. This Christmas, the pack of 10 are on sale at $15.00 per pack plus actual postage cost of $7.20.

To purchase a single card, please click here. To purchase a pack of 10, please click here.

Please check them out and if you like them please make a purchase. Proceeds of $2.70 (less stamp of 70 cents) can pay for the cost of sending one dress anywhere in the world. Thank you and please help spread the word around.

06 November 2014

New Dress A Girl Christmas card - Happiness and Hope

Yesterday I finished creating my first Dress A Girl 2014 Christmas card using one of the posters I created earlier this year. I hope I will be able to sell a few of these cards to raise funds. This will be made available in my Dress A Girl online shop and sell for $2.00 each. Selling price just enough to recover the cost of the blank cards, ink cartridges I will be using to print and a small amount as net profit. Selling below $2.00 is not really an option due to the high cost of the ink cartridges. Having them printed by a supplier although the price of the card would probably be lower but then I have to make an order of the cards in thousands to be able to do this so D-I-Y is the best option.
To summarize - each card will sell for $2.00. If you purchase in a pack of 10 it will cost $15.00 (that is two cards free plus an additional discount of a dollar). The price of the card includes postage of $.70 for a single card and $3.50 for the pack of 10.

To purchase the cards, please click here or click on the card image above. Please help spread the word around about this card. It will be much appreciated.

Watch out for more of Dress A Girl cards and soon the Dress A Girl 2015 calendar. Thank you.

Christmas stockings and handmade bags for sale at real crazy prices

Well, it is November and barely 49 days away before Christmas and time to write about Dress A Girl Australia, my charity work. It is time for great Christmas sale at great crazy prices for a very worthwhile cause - provide clean water and hope for the people of Kalagi Uganda. 

Two items are up for grabs and are very limited in quantity :
1) These christmas stockings were donated by Katherine Nott last year and I think it is time that everything must go. Each stocking sells for only $3.00 plus postage of $1.40. Great cotton quality, no lining and measures 17cms x 25cms x 46cms, big enough to hold lots of goodies and at a real great price too. You cannot get anything lower than this. Only 21 are available.

To purchase, please click here or click on the 'christmas shop 1' which you can find on the right navigation pane or you can make payment via paypal address dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com.

2) These handmade bags were donated by Vanya Bryant. Great cotton quality and big enough to hold all your personal stuff. The bags are lined, measures about 27cms x 30cms, expandable width with button closure  and right now they are selling for $12.00 only plus postage of $1.40. I must be really crazy to sell these items at such give-away prices but it is all for a very worthy cause. Will make great presents this christmas for any of your family and friends and does not hurt in the wallet. Only 5 are available.
To purchase, please click here or click on the 'christmas shop 2' which you can find on the right navigation pane or you can make payment via paypal address dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com.

Since proceeds will be donated to the Dress A Girl Australia well, each buyer will receive a receipt of the purchase amount being donated. Hurry, number of items are very limited and always remember when you make a purchase, you are giving clean water and hope to the community of Kalagi Uganda. 

Please help by spreading the word to your family and friends. Tell them about these fantastic deals. Thank you!