13 October 2014

Recycled Denim pockets

In between the normal tasks I do on weekends I decided to create something new out of an old pair of denim pants which I have started to cannibalize. I made this bag out of the denim pockets. The image below shows the front and the back of the bag. I have quite a few small buckles so I decided to embellish the bag with it and put some heart buttons.
The buttons I pinned on the bag are from my Dress A Girl button collection and 'Love the Earth' just to make the bag more colourful and fun. Be surprised but my wallet, phone and car keys actually fits inside. Well the denim pants is quite big so naturally the pockets are quite big too. Hope you like my recycled denim pocket bag.

Playing with paperdoll

Uh-oh. I must be on my way to a second childhood as last week this is what I made and have been playing with it and making real dresses. 
The dress is made out of the t-shirt cuts I used to make a t-shirt dress for Dress A Girl Australia. Instead of throwing the scraps away, I keep them just in case and now I am starting to make use of them. I need to make improvements on the dress though.  It is kind of difficult to put the dress on the paperdoll made of chipboard. The head, arms and legs of the paperdoll are movable. I am planning to make a set of 3 dresses and put them in a box and sell to raise money for Dress A Girl Australia. Watch the packs coming out soon.

12 October 2014

Reviving Soft Treasures website

Finally it is here. I am and have revived my soft treasures website. It has been a long time to do it but finally it is here. To access - please click here or click on the image below -
The site is still a real one-stop-online-craft-shop for most, if not all, kinds of art and types of craft one can think of. Some of the items are hard-to-find, some are one-of-a-kind, some are easy-to-find but they all have one thing in common.......and that is......quality at its best! Go and check it out !!