10 September 2014

Another batch of new handmade cards for sale

Well, just trying to be realistic. I need more funds to distribute more dresses to the less priviledged children in different locations around the world so I made more handmade cards to sell to raise more funds. Apple made a significant release of their products today so I thought I would do the same. Dress distributions would not be possible without the things I sell. Today am releasing new handmade Christmas cards and new earth cards for sale. Please check them out and if there is anything you like, please make a purchase. All proceeds go to Dress A Girl Australia's petty cash fund, If you don't like any of them, don't make a purchase but you still can help by spreading the word amongst your family and friends. They may like something and make a purchase. More items will be made available as they are completed. Quantities are limited at this stage.
These are some of my Badge Greeting cards and new ones for Christmas -
and here are my new Fabric Earth cards. I call them earth cards because the materials I used are from scraps which I repurposed -
If you are on the lookout for other greeting cards, check out my handmadecards for you site by clicking here.

02 September 2014

New Handmade Cards - Earth Cards and Maze Puzzle Cards

Always looking for something new to create here I am again with unique handmade cards you possibly would not find anywhere else.  'Love our Earth' handmade cards with charms that can be used and worn as necklace pendants. These cards sell for $3.75 each. Check them out here or click on the image below -

Also available are the maze puzzle cards. Wonderful keepsakes. Small treasures to keep. Will make great children's party favours. With crayons, you can colour and make your own personal work of art. Instructions can be found in the inside panel of the card to solve the maze and/or puzzle. These cards sell for $2.75 each. Check them out here or click on the image below -
Proceeds from the sale of these cards go to a very worthwhile cause so please help spread the word.

Handmade T-shirt

I made my first handmade t-shirt ever and hopefully this will make the cost of making t-shirt dresses for my charity work Dress A Girl Around the world cheaper. It was not really that difficult except for the neckline.
This will be the first of many t-shirts I will be making in the days to come. Last Saturday I bought some knitted fabrics. If you plan to donate a t-shirt to Dress A Girl Australia, you can request for a copy of the pattern by filling up the form which you can find in my Dress A Girl Australia blog.