29 August 2014

More Products to browse for charity fundraising

More products at handmadecards for you at give-away prices for a very worthwhile cause. If you are into papercrafting, here are solid mounts, tags and slide-mounts great for photos, transparencies, images and more for any occasion. 
Click on the image above or click here to check them out. And do not forget to please help spread the word.

19 August 2014

My Fabric yoyo spanish dancer

I try as much as possible not to get really stressed out but sometimes it just cannot be avoided. To relax myself I do not think of any kind of work nor do I think of my charity work which I do during my spare time instead I craft. My creativity seems to be at its best when I try to de-stress. And inspired by my recent trip to Peru where I had an adventure of a lifetime (did the Inca Trail Hike for 4 days and 3 nights with family) I created this Fabric yoyo spanish dancer. It took me 2 days to figure out how to connect the fabric yoyos I have stashed in a plastic bag for almost 2 years now to create this doll and am very amused and loving the result. 
It stands 16cms tall and has wiggly eyes. Using Shiva paintsticks I created her nose and smiling lips. I am thinking of creating a spanish dancer with a skirt and a male spanish dancer in the near future.

Stickers to embellish your papercrafting projects

Desperate to make a sale, I braved the very cold garage and looked for a box I knew I had which is filled with stickers and other embellishments which I have collected over the years especially on those days when I went crazy with cardmaking. At give-away prices of a dollar each to raise funds for a wonderful cause.
Self-adhesive stickers and tags to make your papercrafting projects more memorable. Great for place cards, greeting cards, art collage, memory boxes, gift cards, scrapbooking, invitations, gift bags and home decor.

Check out these stickers and if there is anything you like, please make a purchase. Proceeds from sales goes to a very wonderful cause that Soft Treasures supports. Click on the image above or click here to check them out.

New Readymade Designs - Creativity with Buttons

Well, here I go again with buttons. This time are new inspirational and fun ready-made designs. All these designs are sized 57mm and can readily be made into regular pinback, magnetic, keychain and split ring keychain buttons.
Click on the image above to check them out from my creativity with buttons online shop or click on the links below -
Inspirational and fun buttons, click here.
Birthday buttons, click here.
New 'Save our Earth' collection, click here.
Family Buttons, click here.

Please feel free to check them out and if there is anything you like, make a purchase. Proceeds from the sale of these buttons go to a heartwarming cause of giving hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda by providing them with a Dress  A Girl Australia well. 

For more on the Dress A Girl Australia well, please click here.

17 August 2014

New Little Sentiments Printed greeting cards

Been busy these days making new handmade greeting cards. If you are after birthday cards, thank you cards, get well cards, wedding and little sentiments for any occasion, check out my handmadecards for you online shop - 
they all come in standard 110mm x 155mm white plain cards with matching white envelopes for easy gift-giving. Click here to check out some of these new printed greeting cards.

For 'Get well' cards, click here.
For 'Little Sentiments' for any occasion, click here.
For 'Cards for Dad', click here.
For thank you Cards, click here.
For Birthday cards, click here.

Drop by the online shop regularly as new items are being added almost everyday.

11 August 2014

Buttons for Dad

In 3 weeks time we will be celebrating Dad's special day. For the least expensive gift to give but will definitely make Dad a very special person, here are some buttons available for sale -
Check them out now here and give your Dad a button.

10 August 2014

More new products at handmadecards for you

I have updated my handmadecards for you e-shop with more handmade cards. My latest product is the magnetic decoupaged fabric cards. Special images that have been decoupaged to a recycled tarpaulin and adhered to magnetic sheets. Available are inspirational quotes -
'feel good' series -
and the humourous 'Dear God' series -
Also available are the magnetic wooden cards. Special images transferred to wood and adhered to magnetic sheets.
All these special images expresses occasions that are being celebrated anytime during the year. All cards come with matching white envelopes for easy gift-giving. To access these products, please click on each of the images above or click here to access 'handmadecardsfor you'.

09 August 2014

New Mini Fabric Greeting Banners with Kilt Pins

I seem to have a habit of making things only when I need some funds for my charity work when I think I should be consistent. So far this year I have distributed 1,968 dresses, 501 shorts for boys, 217 t-shirts and 91 quilts all over the world. I have more boxes to send for Christmas distribution so I need to be able to sell more handmade items so I can pay for the cost of sending these dresses.

My plan is to go full swing again on my handmade cards especially that in a few month's time Christmas will be here once again. This time I made mini fabric banners with a kilt pin for easy hanging. Greeting images printed on 100% cotton canvas with 100% cotton for the banner backing. It comes with a blank card so you can write a personal message and a matching white envelope. The mini fabric banner measures approximately 9cms x 12cms. Here are some banners I have made for friendship, family and love. They are great for those friends of yours who seem to have everything already.
I also created a mini fabric banner with charms for special occasions. The 'I Love Quilting' banner for those who love to quilt and sew have 5 charms on it - sewing buttons, pair of scissors, sewing machine, thimble and a tape measure -
It also comes with a blank card for personal message and a matching white envelope. All these items are now available in my Handmade cards e-shop. For the mini fabric greeting banners, you can access them here and for the mini fabric banner with charms, you can access them here.

More items will be made available soon. Hurry as items are limited.