25 May 2014

Another t-shirt recycled into a shopping bag

Not much to do today. Went for an early afternoon nap and then made another market shopping bag from another t-shirt. I love the prints on these t-shirts and fits well with the bag. The fabric is still cotton but it is thinner compared to the first bag I made - orange bag which was thicker but still it looks so cool because of the prints.

Recycled T-shirt into a market shopping bag

After an early morning of bushwalking in Katoomba we arrived back home at around 3pm. Quite a number of cars on the road from the Blue Mountains to Sydney and even in the early morning going there. I fell asleep when I got home and woke up at 7pm. So here I go again not able to sleep as I just woke up. So I decided to sew something for my 100 days of crafting activity in 2014. A nephew's old t-shirt which I recycled into a market shopping bag. Soft Treasures' going green !!
I filled it up with some items from my pantry so it would really look like a bag when I take a picture. I still have another old t-shirt which I think I will do later today (Sunday).