20 March 2014

International Day of Happiness

To help celebrate United Nations' International Day of Happiness

help reclaim happiness by doing good.

Happy Happiness everyone!

15 March 2014

Easter Specialty Shop now open

Easter eggs and bunnies ! For your Easter albums, we have the easter egg brads, charms and bunny in a basket rubber stamp, fat quarters for quilters, lavender bunnies for those who seem to have everything. A few selections of easter items mostly handmade. Easter cans and tins, fabric easter picture cards, buttons, magnets, keychains and more for family, friends and everyone this easter season.
New! Also available are our special Easter clipart collections for your easter handmade projects. 

More products will be made available so keep coming back for updates.

Dress A Girl Australia Well in Kalagi Uganda by Soft Treasures

Soft Treasures in partnership with Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia is wishing for a well to be built in Kalagi Uganda for clean water and hope for a better future for the people of the community. For this reason, proceeds from the sale of any item in Soft Treasures' sarisariwebstore will be donated (unless indicated otherwise)  to the fund raising campaign of Dress A Girl Australia until such time that the target amount of $10,500 is achieved.

If there is anything you like, please make a purchase as the proceeds of the sale goes to a very worthwhile cause. I feel more comfortable if you buy something from my shop and the proceeds donated to the cause. At least you receive something in return for your kindness and generosity.

For more details on the Dress A Girl Australia well, please click here.

If you want to help in making this wish happen in 2014 please click on the image below -
Thank you in advance and please help spread the word around.

Craft Books On Sale

Check out a few selections of craft books on sale at more than 50% off the retail price.

At this day and age where digital books are the trend, it is always good to have a paper-back edition especially when you are after patterns and templates. Check them out here or click on the image above before they are completely gone. Quantities are limited.

Creativity with Buttons - New Button Collections

Check out our new Button Collection products to celebrate the opening of Creativity with Buttons online shop! Available in regular pinback and magnetic buttons. Click on the link and/or images to see and make a purchase if you like any of them. 
1) For surf and beach lovers - 'Surf' Button Collection -

2) For those who care about the 'Earth' - 'Love our Earth' Collection

3) Special 'Express Yourself' Pouched Button Set of 3 for those who want to express how and what they feel about life, latest technology and heart matters. -
Unique presents for those who seem to have everything. They are fun to have and a great way to start a button collection. All available for purchase at my 'all about buttons' online shop. Check them out.

Digital Cliparts new product - Sentiment Transparencies

If you are into cardmaking and/or scrapbooking, journaling, tagmaking, papercrafting, then these new images are for you. Sentiment transparencies for a boy, girl, baby and school. Check out what is available below - click on any of the images for more details -

Soon I will be making available some cardmaking, journaling, tagmaking, scrapbooking supplies available on this site to help you with your crafting projects. There might be no need anymore to buy some supplies elsewhere if you like what I am selling. 

Digital Cliparts on Customer Feedbacks

Customer Feedbacks posted in Digital Cliparts 10-Aug-2013

Still have lots of images to publish. If you purchase from the non-digital cliparts for charity, a portion of the sale still goes to my community work. This is one division of my personal business(Soft Treasures' Digital Cliparts) where I have chosen to share with my community work.

Check out some of the customer feedbacks I have been receiving. Click on the text 'Testimonials' below -

Digital Cliparts on opening of Digital Cliparts online shop

Proceeds to go to a very worthwhile cause 
(posted in Digital Cliparts 8-Aug-2013)

On this website are especially-marked and identified cliparts and graphics or Cliparts for Charity. Sale from these items will be donated to the postage fund of Dress A Girl(Around the World) Australia to help in the distribution of dresses to the less fortunate locations around the world. 
Please help make a difference.....click on the image above or here for more.

To know more of this self-funded volunteer work, please click here.

Welcome to Digital Cliparts
(posted in Digital Cliparts 8-Aug-2013)

Happy to announce the availability of digital cliparts and graphic images for crafting and scrapping. 

Create wonderful cards or any craft projects with these images for that special someone, family and/or friends or anyone. Use the images for your scrapbooking projects, magnets, greeting cards, invitations, chocolate wrappers, personalised gifts and boxes, business stationeries, embroidery, handmade home decors, appliques, quilting and more.

Click on the image below to get connected to the Digital ClipArts website -


Soft Treasures blog will remain on this site

It was just last week that I wrote that this site will no longer be updated but now I have changed my mind. It will take a lot of time to be posting in several blogs I am better off if I continue posting here anything I can think of to post whether it is about my new products, about my charity work or about my garden. So any updates on what is a day like to be a crafter will remain on this site. This is where I will be doing postings and in a more regular basis.

What I did break up though are my on-line shops as it was easier to maintain and not confusing to anyone who would like to make a purchase. Products are easily found. Although I have not finish splitting them, here are the links to my new on-line shops that are now open. The links are also available on the right navigation pane.

1) For my handmades and other craft supplies -
2) For the digital cliparts including cliparts for charity -

3) For the badge-making section - it is now called 'Creativity with Buttons' -

4) And anything related to my Dress A Girl Australia charity work -

More links will be made available once the sites are open. When postings are made for new products or updates, links will be provided so you would know which shop to go.

All proceeds from the sale of any items in any of the sites will go to the postage fund of my Dress A Girl Australia charity work. For some items, it will go to the fundraising program I am currently running to raise money to build a Dress A Girl Australia well to provide clean water and hope for the future to the people of Kalagi Uganda. So if there is anything you like, please make a purchase as proceeds are going to a very worthy cause. Although I receive clothing donations from people who want to make a difference in addition to the dresses I make, there is only me who does all the work including admin tasks so all the money I receive goes to the fund of my charity. Thank you.

And please click here for the link to the official blog of my Dress A Girl Australia charity work.

There will be small postings of articles on this site which I have previously posted in the other blogs just to give everyone an update.

14 March 2014

Creativity with Buttons - New Product Announcement

We are excited to announce our new products ! 

1) Versa Backs for the 1" (25mm) buttons in black or white. 

2) Necklace 1.25" Button size. 
3) Button Bracelets 
4) Metal Flat Back Buttons 1" (25mm) size 
5) Button Rings 
6) Charm Kits 
7) Bobby Pins 
8) Pony Tail Sets 

All these items will be posted in the Creativity with Buttons online shop  as soon as we have images ready. For pricing and further enquiries regarding these new products, please write to us. We do have these items available now.