20 January 2013

Creative Life Week 51 - Handmade Iphone Armholder

I was about to print all my creativity project for 52 weeks in 2012 when I remembered I still needed to post the last two projects I did. The last three weeks has been so busy and with the heat I just couldnt be bothered taking pictures until today.

For Week 51 I made a fabric iphone armholder. I always wanted to make one and finally decided a few days before Christmas to sit down and start making drawings on how I wanted my iphone armholder to look like. It would be the best time to make as I decided to go back to my daily walks starting the 1st of Jan. and one of the things I didnt really want to do was hold my phone while walking.  So here is what I made - I know it is too squarish and a couple of centimetres bigger I have enough space to put the earphones but am so glad I finally have made one.
This is how to wear it - goes through the hand and up to the arm 
and I even made a matching headband. :-)
To make sure that I was comfortable wearing it, I used it in today's walk. I hope to perfect the creation as I still have lots of ideas on how to make it even better .

16 January 2013

What's Up at Soft Treasures

Good day everyone! Been a busy girl the past couple of weeks at work. Now busy again for Valentine handmades. Hope to post a few items this weekend.