23 October 2012

Creative Life Week 39 - Big Book of Things

No one can ever take me away from my sewing machine and my fabric stashes and I think for the next few weeks and most probably until the end of the year, my creative life will be focussed on sewing. 

For Week 39 of my creative life, I decided to use this panel of Big Book of things. It is a fabric panel full of images of things that you can find as listed on another page of the book. The final size of the book is 84cms x 50cms and when folded it is 42cms x 50cms. It looks just like any normal book except it is bigger and is made of fabric. It is tripled stitched on the edges and is filled inside with a thin wadding. You can use it as a floor mat for your special boy or girl while trying to figure out what those images are or if those images are found on the list of 'I see....'.

I made this 'book of things' fabric book for a special reason. I want to donate an item that can be auctioned for the Charity Auction for Dress A Girl Australia and want it to be useful for kids. This item is going under the hammer next week starting at 7pm, 2nd of November until the 7th of November. I also made a pillowcase dress and a pair of shorts that will be donated to Dress A Girl Australia on behalf of whoever gets to bid the highest on this item. If you are interested on this item, check out the Charity Auction for Dress A Girl Australia in facebook. Here is the link -
 Please go and visit this page. There are lots of handmade goodies to choose from and you may like something. Also, dont forget to spread the word. A great time to do your Christmas shopping and for a good cause.

21 October 2012

Creative Life Week 38 - Magnetic Buttons

If you are like me who keeps all the buttons I can find, then am pretty sure one of the weeks in your creativity year will have to be about buttons. This is my jar filled with buttons. Used to be so full that I can hardly close it until I decided to start using them for my next creative project.
I wanted to make pendants out of it so I started doing a mix and match and layering them. And then I realized I did not have any bails to use for a necklace. Eventually I will have to buy some bails so I can make them into pendants. I remembered I had a pack of small round magnets so went to look for it and my buttons ended up as magnetic. I have made some fridge magnets. Here they are and they dont look that bad either as fridge magnets. See how some of the smaller buttons fitted perfectly well inside the larger buttons. I used glue gun to hold them together.

I hope to sell some of them when I have decided on how to do the packaging. Some of them may end up as pendants when I have bought some bails.