17 October 2012

Creative Life Week 37 - Calendar Wallhanging

I bought this fabric panel about 3 years ago and intended to make a 'green bag' to help save the environment by not using plastic bags.  Three weeks ago I decided to make a wallhanging instead.  Since the bag has two sides, I was able to make 2 wallhangings and intend to attached a 12-month calendar on each of them. I still have to make the calendar but at least the main section of the wallhanging is finished and I intend to donate these 2 items to my Dress A Girl Australia charity work. Proceeds from the sale of these 2 calendars will be used to cover the cost of sending parcels overseas to disadvantaged children.

Both wallhangings measure about 37cms x 34cms, are machine quilted and are double-stitched on the edges.  When I sell them, they both will come with a bonus dowel for easy hanging. The images below are only of the wallhangings and once I have printed the calendars I will take another picture of it. I need to buy some ink cartridges for my printer before I can do some printing.
Think Green
 The three buttons at the bottom will be holding the calendar section which will be detachable and the calendar (simple monthly calendar) will be changeable every new year. The wallhanging below still needs buttons and a few machine quilting.
Love our Earth
Arent they cute? Am not sure if you will easily find these prints. Watch out for the full image including the calendar and I hope if you like it, you will buy it. I will be selling them at $39.95 each including the calendar (don't forget Christmas is just around the corner) and I will be putting in a button or 2 on 'How to love the Earth'. Watch for it. It is coming soon!

Nowadays, quite a tight schedule

It has been very busy weeks since my last post. I have been making projects for my creativty journey for the year and I never seemed to finish any one of them. In fact I have about seven uncompleted craft projects. The only time I can really do them is after work or sometimes on weekends as my weekend time is already alloted to my Dress A Girl (Around the World) charity work. 

Anyway, in the last few days I was able to finish 2 of the items I have been working on and this will allow me to continue on my creative journey.