29 April 2012

Creative Life Week 18 - Posters

I have always wanted to do this type of poster but kept on wondering if I could find the time as just thinking of the words to use and the layout I think really requires a lot of time . To get the right words I want to use requires a lot of brainstorming. I also have to think about the layout whether I wanted it all vertical or all horizontal or 50-50 vertical and horizontal or I just want the words anywhere I wanted it to be even if they did not make any sense at all. Plus the colour or if I wanted different colour combinations.

Then I found a software that facilitated the creation of these posters and was such a big help that I was able to make several posters in different themes although it entailed a lot of trial and error. I selected a theme for ‘Mother’s Day’ so I can make cards and posters, ‘Earth’ theme to celebrate ‘earth’ day and a poster for Dress A Girl Australia to help me promote the campaign. I also was able to create my facebook cover for my facebook timeline. 

Here are my creations for Week 18 of my creative life. Don’t forget my year of creativity has no specific theme to follow so I can just create anything I want depending on my mood I guess and also depending on the supplies I have.
With the software to help me, now I can make more to embellish tote bags or home d├ęcor pillows, make more cards and posters for the different occasions we celebrate during the year.

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