19 April 2012

Earth Day, Sunday 22nd of April

Earth Day will be celebrated on Sunday, the 22nd of April. It is being celebrated worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment.

A lot of people or groups of people celebrate Earth Day with different activities including discussing environmental issues and ways of taking care of our earth. For Soft Treasures, Earth Day is celebrated through buttons. I have created several buttons in 3 button sizes (57mm, 38mm and 77mm).

These buttons are available in regular buttons, keychains, magnetic buttons and mirror-backed buttons and are available for purchase from my gallery

Also available are my 'Be Green' set of buttons ready for gift-giving to friends and family members who are into green activities. Size of buttons are 25mm and are packaged in a mini-pouch. Images shows how to take care of the earth.
Ride a bike, Tread Lightly and Breathe the Air. Label on mini-pouch are printed on silk fabric and pouch are made of 100% quilting quality cotton fabric and tied with ribbon. Priced at $6.95 per set of 3 buttons and ready for purchase in my gallery.

Check out my other buttons to celebrate Earth Day and if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to softtreasures@bigpond.com including bulk button purchase.

2012 Photography #1 - Rainbows on a rainy day

Another activity I want to accomplish this year 2012 is photography. Any scenery or object I can capture with my camera on any given day , something that catches my eye. 

For a start, photograph#1 is a rainbow on a rainy day taken on my way to work. I thought it was such a pretty sight with the rainbow as a background in different types of transport such as a car, train and even airplanes.
Rainbows usually appear after it rains and the images above does prove it. The pictures on the first row were taken on my way to work at around 7 in the morning. The ones on the second row were taken when I arrived work about 45 minutes after.

15 April 2012

Creative Life Week 16 - Decoupage - Stamped Bottle

It is now week 16. I still am into decoupage. This time I thought of covering an empty bottle with australian stamps. For $3.00 I got a pack of old and new australian stamps numbering between 100-150 stamps. Some were so old one had a cost of 6 cents it made me wonder whether I should just keep them but ended up decoupaged in the bottle as am not really a stamp collector or into stamps. I just bought the stamps for decoupaging.

I made this project years ago in our Home Economics class and at that time didnt really appreciate it that much. I think I was just forced to do it because it was a class project and making one was required to pass the subject. :-) This time I think I enjoyed doing it.

Here is what I did. The images shows the 4 sides of the bottle.
I still have lots of stamps left I might do another couple of stamp decoupaging.