14 April 2012

Small Quilts for Mum

Mother's Day is fast approaching. If you have a mum who seems to have everything and you dont know what to give, if you think your mum deserves something more special like a handmade treasure, here is another something to think about. A selection of 7 small quilts in various sizes and are all on special price of $39.95 each.
All small quilts come with bonus dowel with stopends for easy hanging. Each quilt is frameable all you have to do is remove the dowel. These small quilts are limited in quantity and handmade by Soft Treasures and available for purchase in Dress A Girl Australia's gallery. All proceeds from the sale of these quilts will go to the postage fund of Dress A Girl Australia. 

If you have any questions about these quilts, please send an email to softtreasures@bigpond.com.

11 April 2012

Are you into buttons?

Are you into buttons? A month from now we will be celebrating and honoring the most important person in everyone's life. Our Mum. If you have the kind of mum who seems to have everything and you dont know what to give to her anymore, this mirror keychain could be what she lacks. Something small enough to put inside the purse but big in purpose as a keychain and as a mirror. 
Button size is 57mm(2-1/4").

Normally this item sells for $6+ but this time it will only cost you $5.00 plus .60 postage. Net proceeds from the sale of this keychain-mirror button will go to the postage fund of Dress A Girl Australia.

This item is available for purchase in my gallery. When you purchase the item, please make sure that you also purchase the postage - button so you only pay for the right calculated postage of 60cents.

For bulk purchases, please send an email to softtreasures@bigpond.com.

My Creative Life Still Week 15 - My last Easter creation

Easter is finally over and this is the last of my creation to celebrate the event. 
Easter egg brads planted on a painted and embellished real eggshell with the bottom glued to a bottlecap to make the shell stand. 

Now that Easter is gone, egg brads would not be as popular now but will be in 12 months time but they are available at my gallery at 5pcs for a dollar.

08 April 2012

Creative Life Week 15 - Easter Basket for a Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday. A time to celebrate new life and new hope. Week 15 of my creative life.

I made this Easter basket last night to bring with me today in our family Easter lunch. Inside the easter basket are 2 decoupaged easter eggs to make my basket more lively, a small easter bunny chocolate and 3 mini easter egg chocolates. The easter bunny goes to the youngest member of our clan (18-month old Ewan) and the 3 mini easter egg chocolates goes to my 3 nephews who loves to eat chocolates.
I wish everyone a very Happy Easter. May your Easter be a time of remembrance and renewal...a time of sunlight and beauty.