28 March 2012

Why I blog about the things I make

A lot of people are telling me why I dont write about how I do the things I make. Unfortunately, I dont have the same luxury of spare time as other people have. I make and sell items as a hobby and blog about it so people will know what new items I have made to sell. Handmaking and selling is also a way to help me finance the charity work I am doing called Dress A Girl Australia

I have a full time job and time is so limited. Most of my spare time is spent on my charity work. Am not being greedy or selfish I am just trying to enjoy life.

25 March 2012

Creative Life Week 13 - Magnetic Wooden Greeting Cards

Inspired by the ScrapBook Cards, for this week's Creative Life I decided to create another handmade to sell to raise funds for my community work Dress A Girl Australia. I decided to make magnetic wooden greeting cards which you can display on your fridges or any wall that attracts magnet. Just like normal greeting cards. the messages and images on these cards reflect the event you are celebrating such as birthdays, celebrating friendships or just to say hello to a friend or someone special using a unique medium.

These magnetic wooden cards measures 10cms x 5cms. Images were transferred to the wood using a special transfer paper and then finished off with an acid-free, non-toxic, clear to use acrylic sealer to protect the image. The back is fully covered by the magnetic strip and is the same size as the wooden card.

I created 4 magnetic wooden cards. Each card sells for $1.75 each and comes with a matching small envelope for easy mailing.
Best Friends are like Diamonds
Wonderful Birthday
Different Paths in Life

All these cards are available and other selections from my 'sarisari webstore'.