20 March 2012

Scrapbook Cards for that someone special in your life

Two minute memories for that someone special in your life. It could be for your mum, dad, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband or even your pet.

It is easy to make. You create something meaningful in four simple steps :
1. Remember - close your eyes for one minute and immerse yourself in memories of your choice (i.e. wife, mum)
2. Write - take another minute to list 10 things that come to mind
3. Gather or take 10 photos to illustrate the items on your list
4. Combine write down one list item on each page and combine with related photos

Helpful hints are available inside the pocket. Comes with a matching white envelope for easy posting. It takes only two minutes to make but will last forever. With Mother's Day fast approaching, these cards will make a perfect gift for your mum, grandma, wife, sister or anyone.

Only $2.50 per scrapbook card available for purchase in my gallery.

Mother's Day Handmade Crafts coming up in 2 weeks time

Mother's Day is fast approaching and my especially handcrafted for Mother's Day gift items will soon be available for purchase in 2 weeks time. Proceeds from the sale of any of the items will be used to fund Dress A Girl Australia's cost to send dresses to the less fortunate children around the world.

Please check them out in 2 weeks. You may see something that you like and please dont hesitate to purchase them for that very special person in your life and also for a very worth cause.

18 March 2012

Creative Life Week 12 - Decoupaged Easter Eggs

The past week was kind of busy and the only chance I could think of something creative and do it at the same time was at nights. 

Anyway, for this week I decided to try on napkin decoupage. As I have told you before, I have no specific theme for my creativity. I will just do whatever I can think of doing.

About 6 months ago I bought a napkin decoupage paste in a craft show and not until this week that I thought of making something worthwhile. Since Easter is just around the corner I decided to make decoupaged easter eggs using egg-shaped foams and egg-shaped paper mache. And tada...below is the result of my project for the week. 4-Easter eggs.
I finished off the easter eggs with an acid-free non-toxic acrylic sealer. Once dried up, I placed it on top of tealight cups. I will be making more easter eggs as I have lots of extra egg-shaped foams and paper mache. Hopefully I will be able to fill up an Easter basket.