28 March 2012

Why I blog about the things I make

A lot of people are telling me why I dont write about how I do the things I make. Unfortunately, I dont have the same luxury of spare time as other people have. I make and sell items as a hobby and blog about it so people will know what new items I have made to sell. Handmaking and selling is also a way to help me finance the charity work I am doing called Dress A Girl Australia

I have a full time job and time is so limited. Most of my spare time is spent on my charity work. Am not being greedy or selfish I am just trying to enjoy life.

25 March 2012

Magnetic Wooden Greeting Cards

Inspired by the ScrapBook Cards, for this week's Creative Life I decided to create another handmade to sell to raise funds for my community work Dress A Girl Australia. I decided to make magnetic wooden greeting cards which you can display on your fridges or any wall that attracts magnet. Just like normal greeting cards. the messages and images on these cards reflect the event you are celebrating such as birthdays, celebrating friendships or just to say hello to a friend or someone special using a unique medium.

These magnetic wooden cards measures 10cms x 5cms. Images were transferred to the wood using a special transfer paper and then finished off with an acid-free, non-toxic, clear to use acrylic sealer to protect the image. The back is fully covered by the magnetic strip and is the same size as the wooden card.
To check out these cards, click on the image above or click here.

20 March 2012

Scrapbook Cards for that someone special in your life

Two minute memories for that someone special in your life. It could be for your mum, dad, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband or even your pet.

It is easy to make. You create something meaningful in four simple steps :
1. Remember - close your eyes for one minute and immerse yourself in memories of your choice (i.e. wife, mum)
2. Write - take another minute to list 10 things that come to mind
3. Gather or take 10 photos to illustrate the items on your list
4. Combine write down one list item on each page and combine with related photos

Helpful hints are available inside the pocket. Comes with a matching white envelope for easy posting. It takes only two minutes to make but will last forever. With Mother's Day fast approaching, these cards will make a perfect gift for your mum, grandma, wife, sister or anyone.

Only $2.50 per scrapbook card available for purchase in my gallery.

Mother's Day Handmade Crafts coming up in 2 weeks time

Mother's Day is fast approaching and my especially handcrafted for Mother's Day gift items will soon be available for purchase in 2 weeks time. Proceeds from the sale of any of the items will be used to fund Dress A Girl Australia's cost to send dresses to the less fortunate children around the world.

Please check them out in 2 weeks. You may see something that you like and please dont hesitate to purchase them for that very special person in your life and also for a very worth cause.

18 March 2012

Creative Life Week 12 - Decoupaged Easter Eggs

The past week was kind of busy and the only chance I could think of something creative and do it at the same time was at nights. 

Anyway, for this week I decided to try on napkin decoupage. As I have told you before, I have no specific theme for my creativity. I will just do whatever I can think of doing.

About 6 months ago I bought a napkin decoupage paste in a craft show and not until this week that I thought of making something worthwhile. Since Easter is just around the corner I decided to make decoupaged easter eggs using egg-shaped foams and egg-shaped paper mache. And tada...below is the result of my project for the week. 4-Easter eggs.
I finished off the easter eggs with an acid-free non-toxic acrylic sealer. Once dried up, I placed it on top of tealight cups. I will be making more easter eggs as I have lots of extra egg-shaped foams and paper mache. Hopefully I will be able to fill up an Easter basket.

11 March 2012

Creative Life Week 11 - Color-me-card Greeting card kits

Last week I made 24 'angel in my pocket' buttons for the children of Roma Qld (creative life week 10 -angel in your pocket buttons).

I was thinking since this is craft month and a good time to share your passion for arts and crafts, I decided to make another handmade item for the children.

Whenever I find a time to spare, I make handmade greeting cards to sell and one of my favourites is my Color-me-card kits. I select images that matches the occasion being celebrated and print these images on a standard 155mm x 110mm folded size. The inside panel is blank to allow you to write your own personal message and be proud of your keepsake and it comes with a matching standard white envelope. 

Also included in the card kit is a pack of mini crayons which you can use to colour the image and lately I have been including a color-me-chocolate bar wrapper which matches the image of the card. The chocolate bar wrapper can accommodate a 45gms chocolate bar (ie. Aero, Cadbury bars) and with a 3-block double-adhesive tapes each measuring about an inch. When you are ready to wrap your chocolate bar, all you have to do is removed the white paper from the tape. That convenient.

So back to my old inkjet printer and blank cards which I have so many in stock I decided to make Easter color-me-card greeting sets. The images I selected were very appropriate for an event (Easter) which we all soon will be celebrating.

Here are samples of the Easter color-me-card kits I made for the 24 children in Roma and I hope they will like it and enjoy colouring the card while wearing their 'angel in the pocket' button necklace. Soon they will be creating their own personal work of art.
If you want to know more about these color-me-card kits, click on 'contact me' tab which you will find at the top of this page.

These card kits make great childrens' party favours, great childrens' activity sessions and/or projects. Makes great gifts for any holiday season or any life's special events as we have lots of designs available to choose from birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, easter and of course Christmas and more!  These color-me-card kits will soon be made available for easy purchase in my gallery.

i-create - Angel in your pocket Buttons

Been quite busy I am a bit late in blogging and showing what I did for the week after working on the 21-pocket quilt for my niece. It is now week 10 of my creative life and looks like I still am filled with ideas to make. Let me see if I can sustain my brain to keep on coming up with something to make every week especially that this month is craft month. For this week I decided to make buttons for the children of Roma Qld. A lady member of the facebook group The Sewing Library posted a message on the group's page about children of Roma who with their family lost their homes and everything in them in a flood that inundated Queensland several months ago and she thought it would be a great idea to get some members of the group to make some handmade things for the kids. 

Am not so sure how the kids would react to what I was going to make but the moment I saw the message posted I was determined to make buttons and I was going to adhere ribbons to the buttons so they can wear it if they want to. I started to find the right image to use for the buttons and I came up with the image of an angel inside a pocket and a message which read 'an angel in your pocket they say...will keep your troubles far away...'. I used a 57mm size button which I have plenty in stock.

Here is the button I created with a ribbon and to finish off the handmade item I placed them in organza bags which I bought from a 2-dollar shop near where I live. 

I hope the children of Roma will like what I made for them.

If you want buttons to be made with your own designs, please click here. Buttons can be made in different sizes (25mm, 32mm, 57mm and 77mm) and can be made into the regular buttons, magnetic buttons, keychains or mirror buttons. Mirror buttons only come in 57mm size. Or you can click on the 'contact me' tab on the left navigation pane.

04 March 2012

i-create Week 9 - Completed Quilt

I finally completed my 21 pocket quilted wallhanging with the 21 messages inside the pockets from family and friends. I had to finish it as it had to be given to the celebrant last night. I typed each message on a white cardstock. Each message has to fit in a slightly smaller size than the pocket (6cms x 8cms) then cut each of them to create tags and finished the tags with ribbons. On each pocket I randomly distributed the numbers 1 to 21.

Here is the final 21 pocket quilted wallhanging.

If you want to know more about printing your own images, please send an email or click on the 'contact me' tab found on the left navigation pane.