07 August 2011

Dress A Girl Around the World - Dress A Girl-Sydney & Australia: Wow! 16 Dresses from Crafty Mamas for Dress A Girl...

Dress A Girl Around the World - Dress A Girl-Sydney & Australia: Wow! 16 Dresses from Crafty Mamas for Dress A Girl...: "From Crafty Mamas Today was a very happy day when I read an email from Gaylene H. about 16 dresses for Dress A Girl Australia. Everyone..."

06 August 2011

Tshirt collection cyber-quilt

I have a lot of t-shirts collected from my travels, from watching concerts or just simply bought from shops. Some of them are a bit worn-out due to wear and tear but I never throw them away because I want to make a quilt out of them but just do not have the time.

With the cyber-quilt project I just started, I now have the opportunity to create a cyber quilt using these t-shirts. Am quilting in pixels. I took pictures of all the tshirts I have collected and made them into pixel blocks. Here is a section of the cyber-quilt which I took a picture of -

Click here if you want to see the complete T-shirt cyberquilt.

The cyber-quilt project is open to anyone who wants to contribute a cyber-block to any of the nominated themes available for selection. Click here on how to submit a cyber-block or for more details, click here. For enquiries write to softtreasures.cyberquilts@gmail.com.

01 August 2011

Quilt in Pixels

A quilt is made up of individual blocks which are then pieced together to make a quilt. These blocks are made of fabrics. A cyberquilt is similar to the traditional quilt except that the blocks or squares being connected or patched are graphic images or cliparts in pixels.

Today I am starting on a cyber-patch & quilt project. Each cyber-quilt will have a theme. Anyone who wants to be part of the project can contribute to the cyberquilt by providing a quilt block in the form of a .jpeg or .gif file and nominate a theme where you want your block file to be included. Block files have to be resizable. The blocks or squares you submit has to express or convey thoughts, feelings or information for the specific theme you have selected.

This project is a way of connecting to all who loves to quilt or loves handcrafting. Clisk here to know more about this project or send an email to softtreasures.cyberquilts@gmail.com. Click here to make a block contribution.