29 May 2011

Soft Treasures' Studio

After browsing over a couple of magazines showing off the spaces where people work or their personal studios, I looked at the space where I worked and everything is so disorganized. I just dont have the time to make it look good and I feel comfortable working in my own space especially that I can easily find the things I want to use depending on what am currently working on. If everything is arranged and organized I may not be able to find what am looking for.

Besides I dont really have that much space. Just look at the mini quilts I have made they are hanged on the wall one on top of another. And I dont want to get rid of my papasan so I can feel more comfortable when watching TV which is on a wall in front of it which you cant see from the photo.
Maybe when I have the chance and the time, I will make my studio more professional looking. But in the meantime, am happy with it....am able to make more handmade treasures...and I even learned to make a dress for Dress A Girl Australia.