23 April 2011

Earth Day Buttons

This is the 2" x 2" 'Green' quilt panel I created for the International Fiber Collaborative Dream Rocket project. I wanted to create buttons to celebrate 'Earth' Day and could not think of an image to use when I remembered my 'Green' quilt panel. Why not use the images on the panel and create individual buttons. That is what I did and here they are all 10 'Earth Day' buttons. Below is my 2" x 2" 'Green' quilt panel -

Here are the 'Earth Day' buttons I created out of the quilt panel -

These buttons are available in size 38mm (1-1/2") from my on-line gallery at $2.50 each. If you want them in a different size, just let me know by sending an email to sarisariwebstore@sarisariwebstore.com for pricing information. They can also be made as magnetic buttons, keychains or as pocket mirror buttons or pocket mirror keychain.

20 April 2011

Poor old Mexican Jar

This is my poor old mexican jar stationed in one of the corners near my kitchen area. I use the jar to hang or decorate the big tassles which I made about 4 years ago when I found some unused strings/ropes lying around in my kitchen cupboard. Dont know why I had them so I decided to make use of them. Made the tassles and until now still at a loss as to where to use them as I dont have curtains in the house. So for now it will have to be the old mexican jar that will have to be decorated with all the large tassles.

18 April 2011

Earth Day - April 22

It is Earth Day on Friday April 22nd. Love our Earth. To celebrate Earth Day, I have come up with a limited collection of buttons promoting how to save the planet and make the earth a better place to live in.

About 2 weeks ago I posted a quilt panel which I created for the International Fiber Collaborative Dream Rocket project "Dare to Dream". In it were applique images on how to save our planet. Out of this quilt panel I was able to create my 10-Button Earth Day Collection.

All these buttons are being released in size 38mm (1-1/2") and available as magnetic buttons and keychains in addition to the regular buttons. They can be purchased from my Creativity with Buttons online store or from the 'creativity with buttons' facebook page storefront.

To purchase from our online shop, click here. To purchase from our facebook page, click here. If you will 'like' our page in facebook, you might end up with a surprise.