30 April 2011

Handmade Treasures for Mum

If still undecided on what to give Mum on her special day, you still have a week to go. Feel free to browse on Soft Treasures' handmades. But hurry as most items are one of a kind.

Mums special shop

Looking for a Great Cause to support?

My Dad died about 3 years ago at the age of 88. He had Alzheimers. If you are looking for a great cause to support relating to the art of quilting, check out the link below -


23 April 2011

Earth Day Buttons

This is the 2" x 2" 'Green' quilt panel I created for the International Fiber Collaborative Dream Rocket project. I wanted to create buttons to celebrate 'Earth' Day and could not think of an image to use when I remembered my 'Green' quilt panel. Why not use the images on the panel and create individual buttons. That is what I did and here they are all 10 'Earth Day' buttons. Below is my 2" x 2" 'Green' quilt panel -

Here are the 'Earth Day' buttons I created out of the quilt panel -

These buttons are available in size 38mm (1-1/2") from my on-line gallery at $2.00 each. Click here to enquire on different button sizes and other buttons types such as magnetic buttons, keychains or as pocket mirror buttons or pocket mirror keychain.

20 April 2011

Poor old Mexican Jar with my created big tassles

This is my poor old mexican jar stationed in one of the corners near my kitchen area. I use the jar to hang or decorate the big tassles which I made about 4 years ago when I found some unused strings/ropes lying around in my kitchen cupboard. Dont know why I had them so I decided to make use of them. Made the tassles and until now still at a loss as to where to use them as I dont have curtains in the house. So for now it will have to be the old mexican jar that will have to be decorated with all the large tassles.

18 April 2011

Earth Day - April 22

It is Earth Day on Friday April 22nd. Love our Earth. To celebrate Earth Day, I have come up with a limited collection of buttons promoting how to save the planet and make the earth a better place to live in.

About 2 weeks ago I posted a quilt panel which I created for the International Fiber Collaborative Dream Rocket project "Dare to Dream". In it were applique images on how to save our planet. Out of this quilt panel I was able to create my 10-Button Earth Day Collection.
All these buttons are being released in size 38mm (1-1/2") and available as magnetic buttons and keychains in addition to the regular buttons. To purchase from my online shop, click here.

15 April 2011

5-Day Long Weekend

A 5-day long weekend is coming up next week which I hope to spend making more handmade treasures, design more buttons, create mini quilts to sell for the upcoming Mother's Day. Only the best in handmade crafts for the most special person in our lives. This long weekend will be for Soft Treasures' creativity. Dress A Girl Australia will be quiet but the more items I sell the better it would be for Dress A Girl Australia. So am keeping my fingers crossed that this is what I really would be doing in the long weekend. :-)

Lost Quilts Website

While facebooking, I saw this very interesting website called Lost Quilt Come Home. It is about lost quilts which they are trying to recover by providing as much information as possible so they can be identified as stolen if ever someone sees it somewhere. The website also provides information on how to protect your valuable quilts.

Lost Quilt Come Home

If you have several quilts which you treasure, you may want to visit this site. Am sure you will learn a lot of valuable information regarding quilt protection.

12 April 2011

Children from Around the World Paper Tole Project

This is one of the paper tole projects I worked on years ago(must have been 10 years ago) and one of my favourites thus hanging in my family room which also serves as my studio. Ever since I hanged it on the wall, because I dont use nails to hang my wallhangings instead I use 3M adhesives, it has dropped to the floor about 5 or 6 times already sometimes in the middle of the night. Today the adhesive gave way again and this time one of the borders inside the frame has been detached (blue item right in the middle of the image.) Well, at least the glass cover did not get broken.

11 April 2011

All About Buttons

What a great way to start making buttons ! Whether you are a kid or an adult, a hobbyist or a full-time crafter, a small business or just about to start having your own business! We have everything for you with just a click of a mouse !

Everything you need to know about badges, buttons and pins, machine types, parts, accessories, software to help you make designs and show-off your creativity through buttons. Ready-made buttons with ready-made designs.

The button possibilities are endless, limited only by one's imagination. They are great for school activities, fund-raisers, business promotions, birthdays and anniversaries or just to greet someone or make someone's day with a button.

09 April 2011

Soft Treasures releases Dress A Girl Buttons

Soft Treasures has released 2 buttons for the Dress A Girl Around the World Dress A Girl Australia campaign. They are available as regular buttons, magnetic buttons, keychains, pocket mirror buttons and pocket mirror keychain buttons.

These buttons will be released in size 57mm or 2-1/4" but they can also be ordered in different sizes if required. For this to become possible, you need to send an email to softtreasures@bigpond.com.

These buttons are available for purchase at my online shop.

04 April 2011

Food for thought

The road to success is lined up with tempting empty parking spaces.

02 April 2011

Decoupaged Greeting Card

Looking for something unique to give this Mother's Day? Check out this decoupaged greeting card using a serviette with a 3D rose designs.

For more information on this product, write to softtreasures@bigpond.com.

Upcoming Special Events

Let us not forget the 2 major events coming up very soon. Easter and Mother's Day. Soft Treasures will have new handmade items available to celebrate these 2 great occasions. Watch out for these items.

If you are into buttons, wearing them on your hats or pinning them in your bags, now would be the best time to get them. Special pricing for bulk purchases. For enquiries, please write to softtreasures@bigpond.com.

Shop Smart for Craft

'Shop Smart' is what you have to be these days if you want to keep abreast of crafty ideas as craft magazines are getting to be really expensive. Normally these six magazines would cost more than 50 bucks but today I got them all for $15.00...and 2 of them are the latest issues. Good buy for the day!

Save our Planet

I hope this fabric quilt panel I made using applique will still make it to the Dream Rocket Project. ‎'Save our Planet' is my 2x2ft quilt panel contribution to the International Fiber Collaborative Dream Rocket project "Dare to Dream" the deadline for submission was today, 1st of April 2011.

Mighty Mini Fabric Pillow Keychain

Looking for a unique gift to giveaway this year? Check out these fabric photo pillow keychains. Each measures about 10cms x 10cms. Can be personalized with your own photos. Only $9.95 per mighty-mini fabric pillow keychain. For personalised photos $12.95 each. A best-seller with kids.

For more details on this handmade item or to purchase, click here.

Create your own works of art

Memory pillows. Fabric Memory Keepsakes. Great Keepsakes. In different shapes and sizes. Make your own fabric designs. Print your original work of art on fabric with our Colorplus Fabric Sheets or any Inkjet Printable Fabric sheets. Create memory quilts. Design your own family tree and embellish them with your family pictures printed on fabric. Make bags, pillows, softtoys...and a whole lot more. Fabric sheets available in cotton poplin, cotton lawn, broadcloth, twill, linen, rayon.

Memory Pillows. Pictures printed on 100% cotton fabric sheets. Pillows come in 3 sizes - 14, 16, 18.

Fabric Memory Keepsakes. An alternative to photo albums. Try our fabric memory cubes. Minimum of 4 pictures and comes in 2 sizes - 16cms square and 8cms square.

Or try our fabric memory triangles. Minimum of 3 pictures measuring 16cms(height) x 17cms(wide). For more details on the fabric sheet products and to purchase, click here.
For more details on special fabric printing services, send me an email.

Dress A Girl Buttons

Wear them in your hat, pin them on your bags! These buttons will be officially released on the 1st of April to help fund my print campaign for Dress A Girl Australia. For a 2-dollar gold coin you get one of these unique buttons. They will also be available as magnets, keychains and a special mirror button which will make a great gift to give Mums on Mother's Day.
Please send enquiries to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com. Thanks!

Dress A Girl Australia

Soft Treasures is leading the 'Dress A Girl Around the World' campaign here in Sydney and hopefully around Australia.

You do not have to be in Australia to join in this awesome campaign.

For enquiries, please send email to dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com

New! Mothers are like Buttons

A mini wallhanging great for Mum on their special day. Can also be made into a pillow.

This item is not available in my online store yet. For pricing information, please write to softtreasures@bigpond.com.