25 February 2011

Talking Embroidered Pillow

a standard size 14 embroidered by hand pillow. you can hang it on a wall or cuddle or do whatever you want with this 100% cotton, a 100% handmade pillow.

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05 February 2011

My 15-year old Quilt

Was looking for something this morning and what I found was the very first quilt I ever made. Cant believe that this purely handmade quilt (including the quotes on each block) is 15 years old. I did not own a sewing machine at that time. Every handmade item I did was by hand. If I needed a sewing machine I usually borrow my Mom's. It was only in year 2000 that I finally decided to buy my first sewing machine.

Each block I embroidered the messages 'Be Happy', 'You Are Loved', 'Be Strong', 'Dream', 'God Bless', 'Imagine', 'Believe', 'You are Precious' and 'Be Yourself'. Too bad the picture is not so clear on those messages.

01 February 2011

New! Australian Heart Picturecard for Valentines Day

An Australian Heart Picturecard. Fabric fitted inside window cutouts.wadding of excellent quality and comes with a matching envelope.
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Still Open. Not too late Yet for our Valentine's specials

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