22 September 2010

Global Challenge completed

Finally the 10,000 steps a day global corporate challenge is finished and I received my certificate today. Would anyone believe that I did 1,720,246 steps in 16 weeks and that is equivalent to walking 1,101 kms. Wow! And I lost 10 kilos. Now I have to make sure I do not regain the 10 kilos I worked hard for.

20 September 2010

Friends in a Snowglobe

After the high school reunion I attended in Feb 2010, I went to LA California in Sept for a weekend mini reunion with 2 other high school friends who did not make it in the grand reunion. It was a real blast and so much fun that the days just went by so quickly. One Saturday I needed some green foams for a flower arrangement and went to a 2-dollar shop but I ended up buying a snowglobe instead. Went home to find a picture of the mini reunion I had with 3 high school friends and here is what I ended up with.