10 April 2010

10,000 Steps A Day

10,000 steps a day program at work is now on its fifth week and I think am starting to reap its benefits. I now have lost about 3 kilos just by walking at least 10,000 steps a day. The program will be going on for the next 2 months and am looking forward to knowing how many kilos I would shed just from walking.

03 April 2010

It is April

How time flies! By the time i looked at my calendar it was a week before Easter. :( No more time to make anything to sell for Easter. Had too many things to do I completely forgot about Easter crafting. I was planning to do make some decoupaged eggs but too late now. There is always a next year and that is the good part.

01 April 2010

High School Reunion

Who says reunions are not fun. The high school reunion I just attended actually triggered more reunions after that but in smaller groups. Reunions make you look back at who/what/how you were through the eyes and conversations with the people you are reuniting with, then you try to look at yourself now and try to think about what memories you have of your high school days that kind of influence your present environment and start to think whether these are the same factors you would like to carry on with you or perhaps influence your future, friendships to rekindle or you just move forward without bothering about your past friendships and memories that came with it. But overall it was full of fun and would have been better if i stayed longer as i was there only for 3 days(weekend) and time was very limited to be able to reconnect with everyone.