28 March 2010

especially-handmade personalized gifts for you

Wouldnt you like to see your name and picture printed on a scroll,fridge magnet, mirror compact, button or on a clock? Wouldnt you like to know what happened on the day you were born? Or know what your first name means? For children at Christmas time to receive a personalized letter from Santa? Or something unique to give away on your child's special day? Give that someone special a personalized gift that he or she will cherish forever. Everything done by hand. Have them framed, put them in a special personalized can or roll them and put inside a test-tube bottle....lots of possibilities to make it a perfect keepsake.

All scroll documents are printed on a parchment natural A4 sheet (110gms) and there are several styles to choose from . Personalization can also be printed on magnets or as a greeting card. If printed on a magnet, size of magnet is 150mm x 100mm. Greeting card size is 180mm x 120mm if printed.

New! Fabric Scrolls are now available. Fabric Magnets and Fabric greeting cards or as postcards.

We accept custom-made orders for any of the following personalized gifts, please write to us with details of what you intend to order and we would gladly provide you with more information including pricing, estimated delivery dates, stock availability for buttons, fridge magnets, mirror compacts, keychains and postage. Or send your details in an e-mail to personalizedgifts@softtreasures.com.au.

Personalized Letters - for special occasions! A personalised Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and/or Valentine letters, Stop Here signs for that special little boy or girl in your life. Each print out contains personalised information based upon any first name, age, gender, address and best friend. For Christmas letters, envelopes printed comes with a North Pole postmark.

First Names Origin - Do you want to know the origin and/or meaning of your first name and print them on a scroll, greeting card, keyring, magnet or more? Data generated will also include Emotions, Honesty, Charisma, Relationships, Recreational, Opportunity and other interesting facts personalized for each special name. Have them framed and give to family and friends for any special occasion.

Personalized Numerology - Each print out contains personalised information based upon ancient Numerology, accurately calculated from any name and birth date including Birthpath, Destiny, Birth, Expression, Hearts Desire, Motivation, Inner Dreams etc.

Baby Names - Do you want to know the meaning of your baby's first name and origin and print them on a scroll or a greeting card? Then create a personalized poem based upon many events including Birthday, Christmas, First Tooth, first step and relationships including daughter, son, brother, sister and many, many more.

Personalized Horoscopes - Each print out contains personalised information based upon your name and birth date including Horoscope, Birth Stone, Chinese New Year, Attractions, Virtues, Special Flower, Famous People who share the same birthday and Personal Profile....and more.

On this Day in History - Each printout contains personalised information based upon any special date between 1900 and present day in Australia, including News of the Day, News of the Year, Sporting Winners, Government, Famous People, Cost of Living...and more. US history, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also available.

Personalized Poems - A personalized poem and sentiment lines for every occasion, for every occupation. family and relations. Printed on a parchment natural A4 sheet (110gms) and there are several background styles choose from . Click on any of the sample letters we have provided for you below. We have a list of occasions and/or occupations for which we can generate a personalized poem for you.

Personalized Chocolate/Candy Wrappers - Personalized Chocolate wrappers and candyholders for special occasions such as Birth Announcements, wedding favours, Birthday and Anniversary Favours, Thank you gifts, new house, business promotions, holidays and...more. Great to give out individually, to families on special events, office parties or whenever you just want to give out something special. Available are ready-made wrappers and candyholders only or wrappers and candyholders with chocolate bars and candies included. Sold individually or in packs of 3,6 and 12, same design sets or combination of several designs.

We have a dedicated page for Personalized Gifts available where you can see more details and samples. Click here to check them out or click on the 'Personalized Gifts' tab at the top of this page.

27 March 2010

Earth Hour 27-Mar-2010 8:30 pm

Soft Treasures by Mix1head has created a virtual lantern to show her support for Earth Hour.....8 hours...30 minutes...still counting....

Earth Hour 2010 is set to be the best yet, but it all depends on you getting involved and spreading the message that you are committed to the future.

Earth Hour 2010 will occur on 27th March, at 8:30 local time, all around the world. Don't forget, we need to spread the message and this video so tweet it, blog it, share it - help spread the word and show what can be done!


07 March 2010

Winning entry

Last Friday, I got an email at work that I won a ticket for 4 to the Sydney Taronga Zoo for submitting an entry in the Global Qantas Family Day competition. The competition was to write creatively in 25 words or less why I will have fun and enjoy a day in the zoo with my family.

In 25 words or less, I wrote "Me and my family will have fun and enjoy a day in the zoo as we will be spending the day getting re-acquainted with the animal environment". And for this winning entry, I won One (1) Family Pass for Two (2) Adults & Two (2) Children to the Taronga Zoo. The family pass is going to save me about 180 bucks and will also give me a chance to finally meet Luk Chai, the Australian-born elephant.

For sure I will have a great day. Will be bringing my camera so I could take pictures and share the experience I have with everyone at work.


Cyber-Friendship Quilt

In 2010, I will be embarking on a new project which I would call the cyber-friendship quilt. I am going to nominate several themes and will be inviting friends and families to contribute to the quilt they want to be a part of. Nominated themes could be about friendship, travel, hobbies, favourite food or if you are into nature your favourite landscape... all for fun! And what would really make it more impressive and memorable is if the images you submit are all your original works of art....your own ideas....your own friendship message and dedication....your own photos taken from your own camera. Each block that is contributed will have to be signed by the contributor.

This is a big challenge but am very excited...cant wait for it to start. More details will be released soon.

National Craft Month

This month of March is National Craft Month. Am sure it is not only happening in the US but all around the world. For those crafters out there, help celebrate this month with new projects to craft...or if you have any unfinished projects take the time to finish any of them this month. For those who are new to crafting whether paper, fabric or mixed media perhaps now is the time to learn how to craft as a way of celebrating the event. As we all know crafting is a good way to relax, release all stresses in our daily lives. You will not know what benefits you can get out of learning how to craft until you actually do it....and believe me it really changes the way you think and your way of life.