08 March 2010

"Family Tree" Memory Quilt

A Memory Quilt in the form of a family tree - A legacy for future generations…a quilted family tree that can preserve memories of those who live in our hearts. An excellent gift to give to Mum or Grandma on their special days or for anyone on any occasion , showing generations of love. Something special to hold, hug or look at any time of the day, month or year.

An enlarged tree printed on 100% cotton fabric sheets with seven frames that can show quilt pieces and/or pictures of your family history. Approximate size of the quilted tree is 13.5” wide by 18” high and each picture frame is approximately 3” wide and 1.5” high. Binded by a 100% cotton brown fabric with running stitches all around the square about 2” wide to look like it has been framed. Total approximate size of the memory quilt is 18” x 22”. Picture frames, hill background and tree trunk has been handquilted. At the back is a quilt label where you can jot down the date, write to whom you are giving the quilt to and from whom .

Watch out for more family tree quilts!


07 March 2010

Winning entry

Last Friday, I got an email at work that I won a ticket for 4 to the Sydney Taronga Zoo for submitting an entry in the Global Qantas Family Day competition. The competition was to write creatively in 25 words or less why I will have fun and enjoy a day in the zoo with my family.

In 25 words or less, I wrote "Me and my family will have fun and enjoy a day in the zoo as we will be spending the day getting re-acquainted with the animal environment". And for this winning entry, I won One (1) Family Pass for Two (2) Adults & Two (2) Children to the Taronga Zoo. The family pass is going to save me about 180 bucks and will also give me a chance to finally meet Luk Chai, the Australian-born elephant.

For sure I will have a great day. Will be bringing my camera so I could take pictures and share the experience I have with everyone at work.


Cyber-Friendship Quilt

In 2010, I will be embarking on a new project which I would call the cyber-friendship quilt. I am going to nominate several themes and will be inviting friends and families to contribute to the quilt they want to be a part of. Nominated themes could be about friendship, travel, hobbies, favourite food or if you are into nature your favourite landscape... all for fun! And what would really make it more impressive and memorable is if the images you submit are all your original works of art....your own ideas....your own friendship message and dedication....your own photos taken from your own camera. Each block that is contributed will have to be signed by the contributor.

This is a big challenge but am very excited...cant wait for it to start. Check out my special page on Cyber-Friendship Quilt to know more about this project.



National Craft Month

This month of March is National Craft Month. Am sure it is not only happening in the US but all around the world. For those crafters out there, help celebrate this month with new projects to craft...or if you have any unfinished projects take the time to finish any of them this month. For those who are new to crafting whether paper, fabric or mixed media perhaps now is the time to learn how to craft as a way of celebrating the event. As we all know crafting is a good way to relax, release all stresses in our daily lives. You will not know what benefits you can get out of learning how to craft until you actually do it....and believe me it really changes the way you think and your way of life.